Bottle Cap Necklaces Tutorial

bottle cap necklace tutorial These cute little bottle cap necklaces are super easy to make. The secret is epoxy dots, from the scrap booking section at Hobby Lobby. They look like I used real epoxy, but these epoxy dots kept me from having to deal with the mess, stink and waiting time of the real stuff.

bottle cap jewelry supplies

My supplies are shown above. It looks like a lot, but Hobby Lobby was has all their jewelry supplies half off this week, and scrapbooking paper is 40% off. I used a 40% off coupon on the E-6000 glue. I even bought two packs of the chains and bottlecaps (not shown here). Total spent was just over $14. This is going to give me enough materials to make 8 necklaces (with some supplies left over), so I think that’s a pretty good deal!


  • Spare Parts brand epoxy stickers
  • Bottle cap bezels
  • 24″ x 2.4 mm ball chains
  • E-6000 glue
  • scrapbooking paper
  • scissors

First, take a sheet of epoxy sticker dots, and play around with it over top of your scrapbooking paper. Find an area that you like how it looks within the circle. Then, carefully peal the epoxy sticker up and stick it to the paper. The epoxy sticker is already sticky, so be sure that you’re putting it exactly where you want it.

UPDATE: I ran into one main problem with scrapbook paper – the cutest designs didn’t have enough plain space around them to cut out and fit in my circle. This cupcake pattern was so adorable, but I didn’t want a bunch of partial cupcakes around the edges of my circle. So, I just cut it out, glued it to plain white copy paper.

Cut out design from paper and glue to plain white paper

Next, turn your paper over, and burnish it with something clean and smooth. I used a combination of a large plastic crochet hook on its side, and my hand inside of my sweater. You want to get the paper to completely seal to the dot, so that there aren’t any tiny air bubbles.

After it’s good and stuck, carefully cut around the paper with your scissors. I tried tracing the dot before sticking, and cutting out the paper separately, but my pencil kept smearing on the paper. If you have a 1″ craft punch, then use that. Otherwise, I recommend cutting after the epoxy sticker has been applied.

In order to prevent the dark color of the bottle cap from showing through on your pretty paper, you’ll need to put some white cardstock in between. Using the scrapbooking paper dot as a template, trace a circle onto white cardstock. Cut the cardstock slightly smaller than the epoxy sticker. You don’t want it to show around the edges (though it will in my photos – this wasn’t my best attempt!).

Using your E-6000 glue, put a pea sized dot onto the cardstock, and glue the scrapbook paper/expoxy sticker combo on top.

Add pea sized glue inside bottle cap and stick epoxy sticker to bottle cap pendant

Add another pea sized amount of the E-6000 glue to the inside of the bottle cap bezel. Pay close attention to where the jump ring is attached, since that will be the top. Then glue the cardstock/scrapbook paper/epoxy sticker combo into the bottle cap. Press carefully, and quickly wipe away any glue that might seep out.

Let dry, and insert your ball chain.

Finished bottle cap necklace on ball chain

And that’s it! Keep one (or more!) for yourself, and the rest will make very cute and inexpensive gifts.

Pretty Bottle Cap Necklaces

I’m also planning to recycle some real bottle caps into magnets using this same method.

UPDATE: Here are a few more designs that I finished. I timed myself this time, and I finished 6 in an hour. That’s a lot of gifts in not a lot of time!

Easy and quick to make bottle cap pendants with scrapbook paper

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  1. I need to purchase the glue and then I’ll be ready to add them to key rings! So excited – thank you for the step-by-step directions! I LOVE your blog!

  2. These are great, I love the scrapbook papers you picked! My daughter would love one of these so I am going to have to put this as another craft on my to do list.
    Thanks for sharing the tutorial.

  3. Thanks for the tips – of course I just bought that resin stuff, but this is more my style (easy)! Visiting from Skip to My Lou. -Jill

  4. This would be cute with a monogram inside, too! You know me…all things monogrammed! haha!

  5. I’ve used the resin and it was messy and sometimes wrecked the paper. I love the epoxy dot idea. You can also use magazine pages for inspiration. If you want to make a lot of these (for a craft fair or something), I would buy the bottle caps from a beer making supply site and put the holes in yourself (or attach something to the back that would hold the jump ring for the necklace). I got a gross of bottle caps for $2.99. I found ones that were kind of gold colored on the back and some that were black. We also made magnets.

    • Definitely a good idea to punch your own hole in real bottle caps. Without a half off sale, the jewelry ones are pricey.

  6. really lovely ..i love it

  7. Wow, I’ve never seen those epoxy stickers; I’ll have to check those out! I’m obsessed with resin/epoxy jewelry! I love that it’s such a versatile craft. You can make so many unique pieces using all different kinds of images! I like adding glitter to mine too :) I actually just posted a DIY for a resin cameo on our site:

    Much cheaper than a real cameo, ha ;) Thanks for sharing this tutorial!

  8. I have been using epoxy sticker dots for about 2 months. My problem is that some of the dots, when pressed on images (whether image is glued already in bottle cap or dot is being applied to image before being glued to bottle cap) — I get water spot-like marks when the dot goes on the image. Almost as if there is an air pocket. If I press the dot firmly, I get a “water spot” in the middle of my image. If I press firmly around the edges, I can sometimes get a water spot like mark around the edges. Has this happened to anyone? It is getting VERY frustrating!!

    • Try to stick the dot to the paper first and then rub the back of the paper carefully with a coin or i use a dog tag. Then cut out the image or cut it out first. Hope this helps enjoy!!!

  9. Lisa Stiles says:

    I too had the same problem as Z3mom with the glue coming through onto the artwork. Followed directions exactly, including burnishing, and most but not all, upon drying, had what looked like a wet spot on the artwork….

  10. Melissa says:

    I can’t find the ball chains in a multipack, did you get those at Hoovy Lobby as well? How many come in a pack and how much are they with the half off sale?

    • Melissa, I just did these tonight with my 4-H club and couldn’t find the ball chains either. However, Hobby Lobby did carry the ball chain by the spool (10 yds) and it included 30 fasteners for less than $8. We just cut the chain to 24 inches and easily attached the fastener. They were great fun to make and the girls in my club (mostly middle school aged) really loved making them. They would be a super activity for a birthday or slumber party….and reasonably priced. In the display at Hobby Lobby with the epoxy dots were several variety packs of heavy stickers that were the exact size needed. I opted for those instead of scrapbook paper. Since they were so heavy, we eliminated the extra white circle and the need for the E6000 glue. Worked perfectly and the girls just loved them! :-) Thanks for the super idea!

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