Button Pumpkin Tutorial

Last year, we left our pumpkins to rot in the garden. The kids enjoyed watching them decay over the winter, and this summer they were surprised with a new pumpkin growing on the vine. It’s small and cute, and they say that the pumpkin had a baby.

They’ve been itching to decorate it. Last night in bed pumpkin inspiration hit – buttons! After lunch, I rooted around in the garage and found some nails that fit through a bunch of buttons I’d bought forever ago. Add in a wooden mallet, and we had some fun entertainment this afternoon. I present, the button pumpkin tutorial!

Here are our supplies:

The kids are regulars at the building workshops that Home Depot and Lowes offer, so they’re hammering nails 3 Saturdays out of every month. And they LOVE it. So this craft let them hammer and hammer their little hearts out, though we discovered that the pumpkin was soft enough to simply push the nails into with their fingers.

We dumped the buttons out, and the kids took turns picking colors, sliding the nail into one of the button holes, and finding an empty spot on the pumpkin. At first, the idea of randomly placing the buttons was hard for them. They wanted to make a face – which would be cute – but I convinced them that we were going to completely cover the pumpkin.

My husband, Matthew, sat beside us making a purse for me out of leather. The kids were happy to be making something too. I joined in on both projects a little. A fun fall afternoon was had by all!

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  1. These are so adorable! I included them in a roundup of pumpkin activities for kids today :) Thanks so much for a brilliant idea!

    • Thanks for including my project in your roundup. I need to take a look at those ideas, because I have two big pumpkins waiting on us to decorate them too.

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