Corduroy Buttercup Bag

Since yesterday, I’ve sewn three variations of Rae’s Buttercup Bag. The only one I’ve gotten pictures of so far is one that I enlarged a bit from the original. I made it out of two of my favorite stash fabrics – a magenta corduroy and a crazy paisley – that I didn’t have enough left of to sew a garment. And instead of the pattern’s suggested magnetic clasp inside, I added a functional button flap. This was a gift for my mom, who has already transferred her things to it.

I also enlarged the interior pocket and added seams that are the exact right size for an iPhone and a pen, with an extra pocket for whatever else needs to stay organized.

When I went to deliver the bag to Mom, Dad treated me to lots of scraps of leather, and also a couple of full hides. I’ve already made another buttercup bag out of some of it, which I’m in love with. I’ll post photos tomorrow. Indoor nighttime photos are impossible to get right.

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