Leather Buttercup Bags

I can’t believe how quickly these Buttercup Bags sew up! (free pattern by Rae) I made two out of corduroy, and then these two are out of leather. It’s very thin leather that really didn’t challenge my machine any more than the thick wide-wale corduroy I used yesterday. The only tricky issue was on the shiny bag – when I sewed it right sides together, it wanted to slip against itself and line up incorrectly.

I’m more drawn to solid color bags than prints, but it’s fun to add a bright print on the inside. It peeks out slightly at me, when I look down at it swinging beside me.

I’m going to have to find or create another pattern today for my next bag. While I really don’t need more bags at all, I definitely don’t need more of this same exact style and size. But I do love it! And I want to just keep sewing it. Gifts? A few weeks ago, everyone was going to get crocheted gifts, and now I’m thinking bags. I really can’t focus!

I used to work for an online bag retailer, and I got any bags we sold at cost. That was fun, and I bought more laptop bags than most people have in a lifetime…and several purses…..and luggage. This is an even more fun way to get lots of new bags!

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  1. Do you plan to sell your purse creations? I LOVE them!

  2. Danielle McGillicuddy says:

    Can I please buy one of these from you?

    • That’s sweet. I don’t make enough of anything to sell right now! But I do think that Rae has sold licenses to sell purses made from her pattern to lots of people. I’d check out Etsy.

  3. Danielle McGillicuddy says:

    I would LOVE to buy one of these. I checked Etsy like you suggested but they didn’t have any. Please contact me if you would ever consider selling one of these.

    Thanks :)

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