Peppermint Hot Chocolate in a Jar

My favorite holiday drink is peppermint hot chocolate. Or, add espresso and make it a peppermint mocha! Hopefully my daughter’s teachers like it too, because she took a couple of these little jars to them for presents today.

I found a pack of 12 pint size Ball jars on clearance at Target a while back. So I decided that gifts in a jar would be great for us this year – cute and budget-friendly. The only problem was that my jars are pints, and all the recipes I could find online were for quart sizes. If you’re having the same trouble, you’re in luck, because I’ve created a peppermint hot chocolate recipe to fit a pint sized jar.

To help you finish up in the holiday rush, I’ve also modified the gift tags my husband created so that they work on this gift. Here’s what the pieces look like:

But don’t print that small image above. You can download a pdf that’s higher resolution to print nicely on your home printer right here.

I cut out the two tags, and then used a glue stick to stick them together. Punch a hole, and it’s ready to add to the package. For the Merry Christmas words, cut it out along the light grey line, and then glue it to some fun scrapbook paper to make your label. Then use a glue stick to glue the whole label to the jar.

Next, for the really important part – the ingredients. For one pint sized jar, here’s my recipe:

  • 1/2 cup powdered milk
  • 1/2 cup cocoa powder
  • 1/2 cup sugar
  • 1/2 cup mini chocolate chips
  • 1/3 cup peppermints, obliterated in the food processor

Now, I’ve seen lots of cute gift-in-a-jar recipes for hot chocolate that involve layering the sugar and cocoa powder to look pretty. But it’s pretty important that those are blended before the person tries to fix a cup of cocoa. So, I went for practicality here, and I blended the first three ingredients together very well.

Add the cocoa powder mixture to your jar, and tap the jar on the counter to pack it down and give a bit more space for your other goodies. Then get out a clean paper towel and wipe out the top of your jar that’s above the mix. It’s likely all covered in cocoa powder, and the chocolate chips and peppermint won’t look as pretty through a cocoa fog. So give it a quick wipe.

Then, just pour in the chocolate chips. And top it with the peppermint. The peppermint pieces won’t melt in the drink, so it’s important that you really obliterate them into as much peppermint dust in the food processor as you can.

Cut a circle out of the same scrapbook paper you used for your label, using the lid as a template. Lay it over the main lid, and screw down the ring. Tie on your label, add a candy cane, and you’ve got yourself a cute and yummy gift.


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  1. What a great gift! Your talents combined with your husbands! You two are a winning team!

    Another note – who really would drink a quart worth of the mix? Not me…maybe if you have a large family. The teachers will love the gifts!

    • Thanks! You’d be surprised how quickly you can go through a pint of it, though, with 3 TBSP a cup. Or maybe just me. I’m to the bottom of my first pint after 2 days!

  2. This is wonderful idea, very creative! How much milk/water and mix will you need to heat this up into one serving of hot cocoa?

  3. Is there a way to do this without powdered milk? Possibly mixing it into milk instead of water and leaving out the powdered milk? Thanks!

  4. Just wondering, how do you dig out through the goodies to make 1 cup?
    I made 4 jars and I’m wondering if they’ll have to dig out the chips, marshmellows and such to get to the coco???

  5. Did you use regular mouth jars or wide?

  6. Hi! I love this idea! I used your recipe for a holiday craft party I hosted! I gave you a shout out on my blog! Thanks for putting up the recipe!

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