TUTORIAL: Felt Pom Pom Ornament

In case you missed my guest post over at Craft Snob, here’s the full tutorial for how to make a felt pom pom ornament. I know that a lot of you will be putting up your Christmas tree this weekend after the Thanksgiving festivities are through. This would be a great, easy way to add some color to your tree, and do a little crafting with the kids.

So, I present the very easy and very frugal Felt Pom Pom Ornament for your enjoyment. To get started, all you’ll need is one sheet of acrylic craft felt (costs about 25 cents) and about 12 inches of thin ribbon or yarn. Oh, and a good, sharp pair of scissors. Felt is actually kind of tough to cut, and it dulls scissors quickly because it’s made of recycled plastic.

First, you’re going to cut your felt into three even pieces. To do this without messing with a ruler, here’s what I recommend. Fold your felt into thirds, making sure that the folds are parallel with the longest side of your rectangle. Slide your scissors into the folds, and cut.

Next, fold one of those 3 long rectangles in half lengthwise. Cut on the NOT FOLDED side, snipping as close as you can to the fold without cutting through it. Continue cutting a fringe as shown below. Repeat for all three rectangles.

When you’re done cutting, your rectangles should look like this:

To create the pom pom, you’re going to roll these pieces very tightly. Remember felt boards in Sunday School when you were a kid? Felt’s ability to stick to itself is going to come in very handy here as you roll. You do NOT want to use glue on this. If you add glue, the center will be too bulky to be hidden in the end.

Start with one piece, and begin rolling it. Pull the solid center piece tightly as you go.

When you finish the first piece, just lay the second piece over it in the same direction and keep rolling. As I mentioned earlier, the felt will stick to itself very easily. You won’t need glue to attach it.

Repeat with the third piece, adding it right into the roll. Provided that you’ve pulled the center very tightly as you’ve rolled, it will actually be difficult to see where the center point is for the last few rolls. Find it, pull tightly, and it will magically all stick together and want to puff up into a sphere when you’re done. Resist the urge to puff it up just yet. You still need to know where the center is so that you can attach the ribbon.

Simply fold your ribbon in half, and tie it as tightly as you can in a knot around the middle of the pom pom. Tie the two loose ends up at the top so that you can hang it.

Now you can fluff it up, and that ribbon around the center should disappear in all the felt.

Finally your last step is trim your pom pom so that any stray too long pieces are all evened out. You’ll notice that I took this photo before I added the ribbon. But you really should do this step last! If you forget like I did, you can trim it last too.

And that’s it! Hang it on your tree (if it’s up yet!). Remember, the materials are just about a quarter, so you can add a lot of color to your tree without investing a lot of money in it.

An alternate idea, if you wanted to make a garland, would be to insert your ribbon or string through the middle of the pom pom by adding it when you first begin rolling the whole thing up. If you made them smaller, they’d make a very cute garland in different colors.

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