Making Paper Cards

I have been on a card making kick for the past week. First, I was overdue sending thank you cards to several sweet women in our church who brought dinners to us in the weeks following my husband’s recent back surgery. (I’m actually still overdue on delivering the cards that go with dishes I’ve yet to return, so sorry ladies!)

As someone who makes things, sending store bought cards felt a little less thoughtful than it could be if I made the cards myself. I never think of anything particularly wonderful to say inside cards, so at least if I made the card with my own hands then the card itself could show my appreciation.

I found a one pound pack of scrapbook paper scraps at Hobby Lobby for just $3.99, minus 40%. In addition to me making cards with it, that paper has provided a week of crafty fun for the kids. After only having typing paper to color on for forever, they’ve gotten really creative with the thick colored card stock. Taylor made a beautiful mother’s day card for my mom. And they’ve been making little people, with arms and legs and clothes carefully glued on. Oh, and food. My picky eater of a daughter has been cutting out vegetables like radishes to play with. At least she knows they exist!

I made the mother’s day card that I posted on Sunday. I’ll repost here to save you the time of clicking over:

And here is Taylor’s version of that card, also for my mom, which I was seriously impressed that she did all by herself:

And this is card for my father-in-law’s 62nd birthday this week.


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