Perfecting a Shirt Pattern for Jacob

On Saturday, I quilted the little scrap quilt I pieced last week. I’ll post photos of that later. But for some reason, I couldn’t fall asleep Saturday night because I was itching to make something. Apparently a quilt wasn’t enough for me that day. (The “compulsive” in my blog name really does describe me well.)

So I got out of bed, intending to work on a shirt pattern for Taylor. But I couldn’t find the shirts I wanted to cut up for her. (I’m not very organized!) I wandered out into the cold garage looking for clothes to refashion, and found some men’s shirts that were waiting to be cut into shirts for Jacob.

Using a slightly too small thermal shirt from Old Navy as a base, I traced a shirt pattern onto wrapping paper. Then, well after midnight, I cut and sewed a new shirt for Jacob. I then attempted to try it on him while he was sleeping. Poor guy! He really was sound asleep, so I didn’t get a good look at the fit until morning. It was huge! And it didn’t match the paper pattern I’d made at all! Sewing after midnight doesn’t always yield the best results.

Making a shirt too large is pretty easy to remedy. After sewing the brown shirt (shown wrinkled below) and realizing the pattern was okay, I ripped it apart, redrew the pattern lines, and tried again. Now it fits perfectly!

I also made a green shirt, using another thermal shirt that was two different shades. But it’s in the washing machine at the moment.

I need to make at least one more shirt to nail down the pattern. With the red and brown shirts, I made alterations to the original pattern. But I made those on the shirts themselves, and I didn’t take the time to transfer the changes to the paper. I made changes to both on the green shirt, but the neck is a little bigger than I’d like. All are wearable, though. This is the best luck I’ve ever had getting the necks to lay right on knit shirts without a pattern.

If you’re looking to make your own knit shirts for your kiddos, Rae over at Made by Rae just released her Skinny Tee pattern. I really wanted to buy it, which is what got me thinking of sewing t-shirts to begin with this weekend. But it’s $10. And, if I bought it I wouldn’t have all that satisfaction of working through the pattern drafting process myself. Getting there is half the fun (at least) when sewing.

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  1. It’s so trial and error sometimes, isn’t it!? I can’t believe you tried it on him in his sleep…that is HILARIOUS!

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