Hi there. I’m Sarah. My life these days is a happy result of the recession. I found myself unemployed Christmas 2010, and we decided that I should stay that way. So now I spend my days with my kids, playing and making things. It’s really the best!

I bought my first sewing machine for myself for Mother’s Day in 2010. It was the best present I ever gave myself! Though I was working hard in Internet marketing at the time, my passion was quickly becoming sewing. I’d finish up sewing projects in the morning before work, and then stay up late at night making stuff too.

There were so many great bloggers whose sites helped me learn to sew. Back in my school days, there just weren’t the resources online for crafting that there are today. I taught myself to crochet recently using YouTube tutorials! That was so much easier than learning to knit from diagrams in books a decade ago.

I’ve always loved making things. I learned to weave on a Fisher Price loom as a child, which I made purses on in high school that I sold to a local boutique. I worked at a paint-your-own-pottery shop in high school and college. And I loved knitting once I learned, though I never got past making scarves.

Then, as a college student minoring in graphic design, crafts seemed like something I shouldn’t be proud of. I spent a lot of time in the art department, where crafts didn’t get a lot of respect. I think it’s so cool that crafting and sewing are gaining popularity these days, thanks to bloggers and probably Pinterest. I don’t do it because it’s popular, of course, but it’s neat to know other people now who enjoy making stuff too.

Making things really makes me happy. When I’m stressed or anxious, focusing on sewing something gets my mind in a better place.

It might sound silly, but since I got that sewing machine back a year and half ago, it’s like I’ve found a really important part of myself that I didn’t know was there. It’s a big part of my life, and I’m glad to have this blog to share what I make. I hope that my tutorials and ideas might inspire other women to try their hand at sewing or crafting, and to discover a wonderful hobby like I did.

I also love writing. Up until my junior year of college, it was what I planned to do for a living. So you’ll notice that I write a lot about what I make. And photography? Yep, that was a possible career path for me in college too. (I changed majors a lot, ending up with Advertising/Graphic Design on my diploma.) Until starting this blog, I’d nearly forgotten how to use my Nikon DSLR. My son’s first 2 years of life were mostly documented with iPhone photos. I’m glad to have a reason to haul out my big camera and take pretty photos of my kids these days, even if I still rely on the ever-improving iPhone camera most of the time. And lastly, I still enjoy keeping up-to-date with web design, some programming, and general trends on the Internet. Making my blog look pretty keeps those skills sharp too.

So, yeah. I’m a stay-at-home-mom these days. I once thought that would be very boring. But trust me – I’m never bored! And I’m so thankful for the opportunity to do everything that I’m doing lately.