Jacob the Jedi


I’ll have more to say later about my costume making frenzy this year, which didn’t begin until Monday, when I come back later to post photos of Taylor. For the moment, we are still in the middle of Halloween with lots of celebrating left to do. But since I’m unsure when I’ll get Jacob to […]

Turning Winter Clothes into Summer Clothes

photo 2

I have barely touched my sewing machine since I moved it out into the garage. That’s not because it’s a bad place to sew. It’s just that since I’ve gotten on this crazy cleaning streak, I’ve lost my desire to sew. Don’t worry – I’m sure it will be back. But making a mess and […]

Perfecting a Shirt Pattern for Jacob


On Saturday, I quilted the little scrap quilt I pieced last week. I’ll post photos of that later. But for some reason, I couldn’t fall asleep Saturday night because I was itching to make something. Apparently a quilt wasn’t enough for me that day. (The “compulsive” in my blog name really does describe me well.) […]

Winter Pajamas for My Boy


These pajamas are a special set for Jacob to wear to the train depot tonight. Every year, they have a special reading of the Polar Express on the train. Kids come, dressed in pjs, and listen to the conductor read the story. Afterwards, they get to meet Santa and enjoy hot cocoa. Taylor has been […]

Winter PJ Pants


I haven’t done many crafty things over the past week or so. Thanksgiving and a nice long weekend as a family took up all my time – for which I am thankful. We had a low-key Thanksgiving meal, with a wonderful bunch of food we got take-out at Cracker Barrel. This, believe it or not, […]

Super Boy Costume


Last night, our local Chick-Fil-A hosted a Super Hero night for dads and sons. Both were encouraged to dress up as superheros. I thought it sounded cool when I got the flyer on Wednesday, but it wasn’t until Thursday at 4 pm that I decided to sew this costume. By 5:45, they were out the […]

More PJ Pants


Kids Clothes week continues! Yesterday, after sewing the fleece pair from the tutorial, I cut out three more pairs. Today, I sewed up these two. I mentioned in the tutorial that you could really make them cute by adding pockets and patches before sewing the legs closed. These pairs are an example of how some […]

Cozy Fleece Hoodie


Today is Day 2 of KCWC over at Elsie Marley, and I am still in the game! Last night, as I was lying in bed unable to go to sleep, I dreamed up a t-shirt lined hoodie. This morning, I got busy drafting my own hoodie pattern and sewing this cute green one for Jacob. […]

Easy One-Cut PJ Pants Tutorial


In my last post, I mentioned that it’s the Kids Clothes Week Challenge in blogland. I think that the easiest thing to make for kids is PJ Pants. They’re especially easy if you make them the way I show in this tutorial. You seriously just cut the fabric one time, cutting through two pieces at […]

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