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Compulsive Craftiness is a website dedicated to crafting, sewing, arts and creating DIY things to help your mood and well being.

With hundreds of tutorials & reviews of crafting gear for home use, it’s the perfect place to get crafty!

Whether you want some crafts for kids or are looking for something quick and easy that will cheer up your living room - our goal is to provide inspiration for everyone who needs it.

Compulsive Craftiness is a website about all things creative.

We publish articles, reviews, tutorials, and helpful advice on how to get started with crafting.

Compulsive Craftiness is here to help you find your happy place and get back in touch with yourself through arts & crafts.

As you will probably know, creating something with your own hands is a great way to feel good and relax.

We want to inspire you to find new passions and enjoy life more by experiencing new things and doing what makes us happy!

Articles and tutorials on our site include: Ongoing series for beginners - Learn the basics of crochet & knitting

How-to’s for sewing & embroidery projects.

DIY home decorating ideas - from paint to wallpapers .

Crafting for kids – we have a separate category with toddler craft ideas and more!

Reviews of crafting tools – our team tests out different craft materials to make your life easier.

It’s a great place to look for offline crafting activities that will bring you joy.

So welcome and stay tuned! Don’t forget to bookmark us if you like what we do!