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The Best Artistro Paint Pens

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Buyer's Guide

What You Should Know About These Paint Pens

Artistro Paint Pens are a high-quality luxury brand of pens that give you everything you need to express your creativity. From business professionals to artists, these pens have a place in everyone's creative toolkit. An Artistro pen is a combination of technology and style, giving you the high-quality performance you expect in a writing instrument. Whether you're an artist or just a writer, you'll appreciate this product for the unique combination of a fine nib and a smooth, flexible ballpoint. These Artistro pens allow writers to create expressive artwork in literally minutes.

There are many reasons why people love to use these Artistro paint pens. Let's start with the nibs. They have a precision-fit, oil-rubbed bronze design that is ideal for shading and applying paint. The medium is so smooth it glides on the paper with tiny dots that are perfectly distributed, ensuring there are no dark spots. You can draw on the paper with no mess at all.

What you do need to know about these Artistro paint pens is that they were designed for fast application. With a quick snap of the nib, you can get professional results in just a few seconds. That's the beauty of these Artistro pens: they work fast! Because the ink is so smooth and fluid, you won't have to worry about smudging, lines, or streaks.

What you do need to know about these paint pens is that they come in many different colors. If you like to draw, you can use the metallic gold paint pen as a white gel pen. For artists, the white gel pen helps them blend colors without streaking. If you don't like using metallic colors, you can also purchase the blue pigment-filled pens that are available.

What you do need to know about these paint pens is that they are not streaky when dry, unlike other water-based and oil-based pens. If you are a beginner, you should try the black and white pens until you get a feel for how the black pens flow and how the white ones dry. Once you know your limitations, you can then decide whether to purchase one of the streak-free Artistro pens or not.

There are a couple of things to keep in mind when purchasing acrylic paint pens, especially if you're a beginner. First, you'll need to decide between metallic or water-based ones. Those types of pens are more expensive. But if you're looking to create that professional look, you'll want a water-based product. The metallic type has a tendency to smear and leave spots, which is why the metallic gold pen is your best option.

One of the biggest advantages to using metallic gold paint pens is the ability to use them anywhere traditional markers are legal. This includes the kitchen and school settings. They are also resistant to water-based markers and are much easier to clean up when mistakes happen.

It's important to note that there is an Artistro pen for just about any occasion. You'll need a liquid paint of some sort and you'll need to fill it up with your preferred color. You can choose from multiple colors or you can go with just one, but you might find that the black and white pens are best for everyday work and don't turn out as good with the metallic ink. However, if you do use the black and white ones, you'll likely find that it works out cheaper overall because you're using just water.

The Artistro Refillable Metal Paint Pens are a great alternative to the more expensive metallic ones. They are also quite popular. What you will find is that they have a simple design that allows you to fill them up with your preferred color and that they're not that difficult to use. They are very popular with people who want a simple, no-frills pen that they can rely on. They are also a nice alternative for people who find that the traditional markers don't write as well as they'd like.

The main drawback to these pens is that they won't write with the gel pens that are available. You will find that they do write, but they tend to be on the stiffer side. If you want something that you can write with easily, then this might be a good choice for you. For a variety of different businesses, they are also the pens of choice. Artists and decorators will find that the Artistro paint inks are a comfortable choice to make when working with a wide variety of media.

There are also a few things you'll find if you look into this type of pen. One thing is that you don't have to worry about having too many refills on them. In fact, you can only ever use three of them at one time. Another thing you'll find is that you have plenty of space for storing them. Since they are small, you can keep them in a bag or a tote bag. And since there is no need to worry about maintenance, they are also a great choice if you are someone who values the environment.


How do you use Artistro paint pens?

Artistro paint pens allow you to create your own unique artwork and designs on any non-porous surface. You can use the paint pens with stencils, stamps, and many other tools. The paints are water soluble and do not smell. They produce vibrant colours when dry, and if necessary, they may be fixed by applying a layer of clear lacquer.

Artistro paint pens are ideal for decorating wallpapers, clothes, glass and ceramic surfaces. They can also be used on terracotta pots, stone or slate tiles, metal surfaces (including microwaves). You can use them to write or draw on smooth plastic surfaces like computer monitors, bathroom mirrors (with suitable sealant), water tanks, tiles, and smooth wood.

Artistro paint pens are not suitable for paper or card; the colours will bleed when wet. If you wish to use Artistro on these surfaces, we suggest making a copy of your design using carbon paper.

For special effects, you can combine different colours by applying a second coat from another pen while the first coat is still wet. You can also make your design water-resistant and permanent by applying a layer of clear lacquer.

What range of colours does Artistro offer?

Artistro paint pens come in a wide range of vibrant colours and shades that cannot be found elsewhere on the market. This includes fluorescent, glitter, metallic, and pastel shades.

How long will a set of paint pens last?

If treated reasonably, Artistro paint pens have an unlimited life span. This means they will never dry out or lose their colour intensity when left uncapped for a few days. We recommend leaving the caps off the paint pens when not in use.

What types of nibs are available?

Artistro paint pens have a variety of nibs that enable you to create different widths of lines and effects. We offer a choice of brush, thin, super fine point, medium point, and chisel nibs. We also sell a selection of replacement nibs.

How do I make a paint pen last longer?

To prevent the nib from drying out, always replace the cap immediately after use. This will also prevent any paint on the nib from drying out. Artistro paint pens are water-based, so you can clean them using a damp cloth.

Can you use Artistro paint pens on fabric?

Yes, but we suggest applying a layer of clear varnish first. This will help the colours to set and prevent them from running.

What is the drying time for Artistro paint pens?

Artistro paint pens dry very quickly when applied to non-porous surfaces, even if you overpaint one colour onto another. They will dry in just a couple of minutes on most surfaces, and about an hour in hard-to-reach areas such as the inside of a mug or bowl. When you paint on porous surfaces, Artistro paint pens take longer to dry because the pigment has to penetrate the surface.

Can you use Artistro paint pens on nails?

Artistro paint pens are very popular among nail art enthusiasts because they provide excellent coverage and produce brilliant results. We advise that you apply a basecoat to your nails before applying the colours, allowing them to dry thoroughly before painting with Artistro. This will help prevent stains.

Why do Artistro paint pens smell?

In order to make the colours safe and child-friendly, we add a high quantity of Non Toxic Solvent to each colour formula. This means that there is some odour associated with the paint. However, this should dissipate very quickly.

Where can I store my Artistro paint pens?

Artistro paint pens can be safely stored in a cool and dry place-preferably with the caps left off. This will prevent the nib from drying out.

How do you clean Artistro paint pens?

Artistro paint pens should be cleaned using a damp cloth. If the nib starts to look dried out or stiff, try soaking it in water first. If possible, do not press too hard when cleaning as this can cause the tip to bend. Cleaning Artistro at high temperatures (e.g. by boiling) may warp the plastic casing. Please note that it is not possible to completely remove the ink from your paint pens once they have dried inside-this can result in clogging.

Are Artistro paint pens water-resistant?

Yes, the colours are water-resistant when applied on non-porous surfaces. However, once they have dried, Artistro paint pens are not water resistant. For example, if you apply a layer of black ink onto paper then wet it, the ink will dissolve into the surface and gradually fade away.

What type of surfaces can I use Artistro paint pens on?

Artistro paint pens can be applied to a wide range of surfaces, including glass, ceramic, porcelain, plastic and metal. Avoid applying too much pressure when painting on an uneven surface, as this could cause the nib to break.

Are Artistro paint pens permanent?

The colours will stick to non-porous surfaces, but they are not permanent. This means that you can remove it using a damp cloth.

How long does it take for Artistro paint pens to dry?

Artistro paint pens dry very quickly when applied to non-porous surfaces, even if you overpaint one colour onto another.

What is the shelf life of Artistro paint pens?

Artistro paint pens have a shelf life of at least 24 months. This should give you an idea about their durability.

How should I store my Artistro paint pens?

To prevent the nib from drying out, always replace the cap immediately after use. Store your paint pens in a cool and dry place.

Can you refill painters' paint pens?

While it is possible to refill paint pens, we recommend that you use the original Artistro tube refills.

Can I mix Artistro colours together?

Yes, simply apply one colour over another. Note that light-fastness may be affected when mixed.

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