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The Best Carpet Glue Remover

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Carpet Glue Remover

So you've bought yourself a brand new carpet, now what? The nice and soft feel of carpet flooring has always been why people enjoy carpets so much. But what if you need to take away your old, sweaty, breeding ground carpet and replace it with a fresh new one? The first step is getting rid of the old carpet glue that sounds like an elevator ride in the middle part of your apartment but will quickly turn into a worse nightmare.

Some of the things that are often recommended as carpet glue removers include carpet cleaning products and carpet tile removers. While both of these products might work to remove carpet glue, they have a tendency to leave residual glue behind that's hard to get rid of. In fact, some people have said that carpet repair products don't even completely remove all traces of glue. This makes a lot of people wonder if there's any other way. Luckily, there are ways to remove the glue without damaging your carpet fibers or causing any harm to the floor underneath.

To begin, let the glue-ridden area dry. You can do this by using fans, a hairdryer or heat from the sun. Once the area is dry, you can use a product such as Scotchgard to help remove it. Scotchgard works by leaving a sticky chemical on the glue attaching it to the carpet. After leaving it on for a while, you can use a scrub brush or a vacuum cleaner to gently scrub it away.

Some people have tried scrubbing the old carpets with bleach and ammonia but find this method to be very difficult. In addition, these chemicals can damage your carpets as well as the floor underneath, creating an uneven floor. If you're not comfortable with scrubbing the carpet with bleach or ammonia, consider trying a product such as Carpet Glue Remover instead. These cleaners work much differently than most household cleaners but they still work to dissolve the glue.

One of the easiest ways to loosen stubborn glue is to use a product like Liquid Glue Remover. This cleaner works by applying a strong layer of glue remover onto the glue and allowing it to chemically react with the residue left behind by the old carpet glue. The chemical interaction will break down the glue and cause it to weaken, making it easier to scrap. This process usually takes a couple of hours to complete and will allow you to easily remove the glue from your floor with a scrub brush.

One of the oldest and most common methods of removing glue residue is through the application of household vinegar. Vinegar has long been a widely used household cleaning agent and there are several recipes that have been handed down for hundreds of years detailing the best way to apply vinegar to the adhesive. In fact, some homeowners believe that vinegar is far more effective than bleach when dealing with tough stains. You can simply pour some vinegar onto a sponge and scrub it into the stain until it loosens. Be sure to wear gloves when doing this process so as to prevent any skin irritation.

You may also want to try a more abrasive method that involves a coarse brush. Brushing stiff stains can be extremely hard to do on your own, so if you don't have much experience in dealing with tough stains, then you may want to consider using a coarse bristle brush in order to soften the remaining residue. A coarse bristle brush works much the same as a scrub brush, providing a thorough but gentle scrubbing action that will effectively loosen and remove the leftover adhesive. It's important to wear rubber gloves while brushing down the stains in order to avoid getting any of the residues on your hands.

Another common technique involves applying an ice-pick to the affected area. The ice-pick tool is typically used by professional carpet cleaners in order to quickly and efficiently remove carpet glue that has become stuck on your carpet fibers. Place a small dab of glue onto the ice pick and use the tip of the ice pick to quickly remove the glue from the affected area. When trying to remove stubborn glue stains from your carpet, it's important to apply multiple passes of this technique in order to properly remove the glue from the carpet fibers. Each subsequent pass of the ice pick application will help you achieve further traction and removal of the glue particles.

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