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The Best Clay Pot Sealer

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Use A Pot Sealer To Protect And Extend The Life Of Your Clay Pots

Grab your latex gloves, get into a well-ventilated room and spray that Plaid clay pot sealer onto the clay for instant waterproofing. You can use this easy fix if you find yourself working in a wet environment like bathrooms or laundry rooms where water may be spilled. Terracotta pots and even trays provide an easily customizable base for growing plants and floral arrangements, so make sure you seal up their surfaces with an application of this durable sealer. Spray this on top of your terracotta plant pots and other containers to prevent seepage, which can damage flooring, furniture, and decks.

Application: Lay down the small square of plaid clay pot sealer over your pots. Spread two to three generous coats on top of your pots and let them dry thoroughly. Once they are dry, apply another two to three coats of this Plaid Clay Pot Sealer over your pots once more, letting them dry between coats. The coating gives the pots a glossy finish that locks in moisture, preventing moisture from permeating through. Use a soft rag to smooth out any bubbles that appear in the sealer, and spray off excess.

Upkeep: After applying the clay pot sealer, simply spray it on all of your pots to keep them sealed and in good condition. If you want to use the outdoors, make sure you reapply the application after each rain or use. When using the spray indoors, remember not to let any stand in direct sunlight. It is also important that you do not spray the sealer directly on your fruits and vegetables. This means spraying on the container or covering them with plastic wrap before putting them in the fridge or freezer.

Glue down: After using the spray to coat all of your pots, remember to place them in a pot with even and light stream water so that the water does not pool around the sealers and cause them to become heavy and hard. Once your pots are wet, remove them from their containers and place them in an undecorated area. Do not stack them on top of one another, nor place any items between them. Simply allow them to air dry, but be careful not to bend the clay. Applying glues, oils, or waxes over your newly-sealed pots can cause them to break down.

Paint: Glue down your clay flower pots one at a time and allow them to dry completely. If you are interested in creating unique art pieces, choose pots that have leaves, twigs, or petals and use paintbrush strokes to create your signature style. If you are looking to purchase clay pots, make sure that you buy ones that are made by a reputable company that uses high-quality clay. Glue down petals at a later date. When choosing the color of your clay pots, stick with plain colors such as white, ivory, cream, or brown. You may be able to find different colored clay flower pots at local craft stores, but remember that if you want your creations to stand out, it is best to purchase a color that everyone will notice!

Decorate: Once you have your clay pots in place, add your signature touches and use paint to create a variety of different art pieces. Purchase different colored beads or use stencils to create unique images. You may also want to purchase clay pots that are already stained so that you do not need to do this work yourself. Staining your pots is not difficult, but it is important that you use the correct type of stain, or you could potentially ruin the piece.

Keep Your Clay Fresh: Always clean your terracotta pots before painting. This will help keep the paint fresh and allow you to create a longer artwork. Before painting, remove all of the pebbles and soil that may be on the bottom of your clay pots. Once the painting process is over, thoroughly rinse the pot and then place it back into the trash. Keeping your clay pots fresh and sealed will help you preserve your investment and keep your terracotta pots looking like new for many years to come!

Whether you are looking to decorate your house, garden or simply showcase your clay pots, there are many ways that you can go about making your creations last longer. Using a paint terracotta pots sealer will help protect your art while giving you the opportunity to display your creations and pass them down to generations. If you love being creative but are tired of seeing the same old pictures on the walls of your house, then take matters into your own hands and try creating different masterpieces using your terra cotta clay pots. You will be surprised how easy it can be to change the look of your home and even add a touch of artistic flair to your property when you start taking control over your environment.

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