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The Best Cricut Shirt Maker

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Buyer's Guide

Tips in Buying Cricut Shirt Maker

How many tips in buying a Cricut shirt maker have you heard? The truth is that the Cricut product line has become popular among consumers who like to do embroidery. They are not only interested in the design but are willing to spend time learning how to use the machine and how to make unique and personalized orders. When I was first looking to buy one, it seemed like every website that I visited offered an embroidery machine for sale.

But the problem with that thinking is that most of the machines were not made for this type of use. The machines were not designed for busy embroiderers and could take hours to work. And, they did not offer settings for color, sizing, or threading. When I looked for a machine to purchase, there were only a few options, none of which offered the features I needed.

So, when I took my time to look into buying a machine, what I found was surprising. Instead of being marketed as a machine to embroider shirts, the brochures and ads for them were targeted toward professional users. Instead of saying this was a great machine to purchase for someone who likes to do their own embroidery, it said this was a good machine to purchase for professional use only. It did not address my needs.

This bothered me because Cricut is one of the only brands that focus on customer satisfaction. This means the features this machine has are not only designed for the busy embroiderer but also for the casual embroiderer. While it may not be for everyone, I definitely enjoy the process of putting a Cricut shirt together.

That's when I decided to purchase my own Cricut shirt maker so that I could have everything that I needed. Instead of purchasing a universal machine that would do nearly anything, I instead settled for a Cricut Smartpen. This machine had all of the features that I wanted and some that I didn't even recognize. By doing my research online and talking with other people about the Cricut shirt maker, I was able to choose the perfect one for my needs.

However, one feature that I found that really came in handy was the swivel ball. I use this every single time I turn my machine on and it is an absolute necessity. With the way the machines can get off-balanced if you're not holding the swivel tight enough, it can sometimes come out of position and do a lot of extra work that you weren't expecting. When you've already spent several minutes stitching your project and you have to go back and fix it, having a swivel ball in place will make the job go a lot faster.

This is one of the tips in buying Cricut maker that I would advise you to be careful about. Cricut shirts tend to be quite heavy. They're about eight to ten ounces in weight. They also don't move that great when you are using them. If you're not careful, the shirt can end up heavier than it needs to be which will cause it to wear out more quickly. By choosing a smaller machine, you will be able to wear your new machine for longer periods before it will need to be replaced.

These are the three tips in buying Cricut shirt maker that I could use myself but I wasn't able to find one that was specifically made for a Cricut machine. It's definitely a good idea to research the brand that you are interested in so that you can get the right type of machine for your needs. The price will vary based on what brand you purchase so be sure to look around as much as possible before making a final decision.

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