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The Best Drawing Storage Box

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How to Choose a Drawing Storage Box

The Drawing Storage Box is an ideal storage solution for artists, hobbyists, or collectors. The DSB (drawing storage box) is built with 18 gauge cold rolled steel, powder-coated stainless steel, and treated with a durable RED EPoxy paint finish. There is one full-length, two-hole, stainless steel, fully welded hinge, and one-inch thick, white indigo silk screen printing with permanent black indigo ink on the reverse side. One inch of black velvet lining and one-quarter inch of the white ink ribbon is included.

Drawer dimensions vary from six to eight inches wide, ten to twelve inches deep, and twenty-three inches tall. Box dimensions are variable as well; from small to large dimensions. All drawers are accessible from the top. Three drawers in the top left corner, one drawer in the top right, and two drawers on each side with the option to add an extra drawer if needed.

All drawers have an open shelf along one wall with a rubber safety latch closure. All drawers are completely lined with soft, wicker, or silk lining. Each drawer is fully lined with white wicker, and each box contains three hundred ninety-nine decorative beads. The drawers do not contain mirrors, photographs, or other decorative embellishments.

The drawers will keep all the items that are needed for one's sketching activities, such as pencils, pens, markers, and the like, in one location. This makes it much easier to locate items when needed or to grab an item and reach for what you need quickly. The drawers can be opened easily so that all art supplies are contained in one neat box. Also, the boxes keep one thing separate from the rest of the clutter that might get mixed into your art supplies.

Art supplies will remain dust-free, and clean without any creasing or tearing. The drawers are made of thick, padded material and covered in white wicker, wood, or metal. The shelves inside the boxes can be used for keeping paper, pens, pencils, markers, or even computer equipment. The drawers are big enough to hold anything that is needed for your art activities.

The drawers come in many different sizes, colors, and shapes. Most have one drawer and can be opened, but some come with two, three, or four drawer models. The larger drawers are usually used for longer sketches, and the smaller ones are ideal for storing personal documents or a few supplies.

These storage boxes are designed to be both practical and functional. They fit easily in a corner of a room and are very easy to assemble. Most can be disassembled if need be and stored away. If an artist works out of their studio a drawing box is a must-have item. The drawers and the entire box are made of thick, durable material, making them easy to carry and sturdy to protect your art supplies from the elements.

The drawers are wide and deep enough to accommodate any size sketch or design. The box is constructed from long strips of solid wood or heavy-duty wire. The drawers come in a variety of woods or materials and can be finished to mimic expensive materials found in high-end art galleries. Some are constructed to resemble antique desks while others are designed to look like more modern furniture. When opening the box the drawers slide out and are held in place by brass or wooden pegs. The drawers come in one of several standard sizes and most are adjustable to accommodate various art mediums.

Many artists prefer a wooden drawing box because of the natural beauty it provides. If you own a wood box or one that you find online be sure to inspect it carefully for damage or rot. While a box that is made of an inexpensive wood can serve its purpose it is wise to invest in a quality wooden drawing box if you are serious about your art. Boxes that are made of particleboard will not last long and will chip quickly if mishandled.

The drawers come with a lock to prevent unauthorized opening. The drawer units are made from strong, solid wood or wire. The drawers come in a variety of sizes and are designed for a variety of art mediums. The drawers are easy to open with one hand while closed with another. Many of the drawers are equipped with a lip to prevent scratches on any surface.

Most storage boxes are designed to mount on a wall or stand on the floor. These models offer more stability for larger-sized drawing surfaces or if you want to position the box at a different angle. Many boxes have been designed with shelves to add additional storage space or a top-shelf to protect the artwork.

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