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Fabric Iron-on Transfers For the Modern Hair

Find out more about the award-winning Canon Dark Fabric Iron-on transfers. Try out new, hand-made fashion-forward designs with transfer transfers-101. Give your favorite clothes and garments an instant update with hand-made iron-on transfers.

Create a one-of-a-kind look for special occasions by hand-making your own transfers. You can transform a plain item into something spectacular by choosing an original design from our range of transfers and hand-painting them onto your clothes. Choose between plain and design transfers. Either way, you'll have a piece of art that is unique to you and will make a great personal statement.

Get creative with your accessories and embellishments. Choose an adornment that will make your design stand out from the crowd. Choose between a frilly satin ribbon or a multi-colored metallic charm. Alternatively, for something different, why not use a simple thread as a center piece? Using a plain color thread will lend the piece a unique, quirky style.

Get serious about your fashion design. The Canon Dark Fabric Iron-on transfers are very versatile - you can use them on just about any fabric. You could transform a plain outfit into a glamorous party wear outfit by using the fabric for necklaces and jewelry.

Finish off your party in style. Convert a basic white outfit into something special with a chic hand-made accessory and stunning fabric effect. Transform your child's pram into a mobile wardrobe with a range of fabric accessories, including zippers and hook and eye closures. Decorate your car with a unique range of iron-on transfers. You could also use fabric accessories on your computer screens, such as logo embossing and glitter effects.

Give yourself a stylish makeover with a fabulous collection of fabric accessories. Use fabric graphics to jazz up your hair - think oversized crystal blocks of abstract flowers. Decorate your hair with a fabulous headband and embellishments before slipping a bodice adorned with beads and rhinestones. Accessorize with a textured skirt, and you're finished with a stylish hat. If you want to get your inner 80s groove on, then give yourself a styling boost with an old favorite hippie print. Decorate your ponytail with a modern take on the hippie hair band and tie in a loose ponytail for instant sophistication.

Why not treat yourself to an up-to-the-minute hair design? From animal prints and tribal tattoos to striking, oversized textured hues, the list of available accessories is endless. Iron-on transfers are the most contemporary way of adding texture and color to your hair. Choose a design from a range of hair iron-on transfers, and you can create a design that will stand out from your friends and colleagues. Stunningly done, your hair will look like it was specially made for the event - guaranteed to make heads turn.

Fashionable and chic, iron-on transfers are the perfect accessory for any woman who wants to up her style game. Whether you're going to a prom, a wedding, a housewarming, or you simply want to enhance your everyday wardrobe; there's a fantastic accessory that can do the job. If you're worried about damaging your hair with frequent iron-on transfers, then relax. This accessory is designed to glide through your hair and gently iron onto your desired design. The special fabric used in these transfers is specially designed to withstand heat so you can enjoy styling your hair without the fear of damaging your natural beauty. These transfers are a brilliant way of adding texture and color to your hair in a safe and controlled fashion.

Are you going out for a night out with your friends? Want to add a little something extra to your outfit without having to spend hours styling your hair? Don't worry - there are a variety of other accessories that can be used when out partying away. No need to spend hours getting ready because you forgot your hair accessories - just slip them on and let your hair do all the work.

Fashion-conscious women now have a range of stylish options to help them create a fabulous overall look. With a fabric iron hair accessory, you can easily create a buzzy, funky style or keep things sophisticated with a more formal look. With a fabric iron on hand, you can also use it to simply add an extra level of glamour to your overall style.

The secret is to play to your hair's strengths. Iron-on transfers can give you the freedom and independence of color. Let your hair 'do' the styling, letting your imagination take over and deciding how you want the finished look to be. Be sure to choose a fabric iron-on transfer with plenty of vibrant colors so you can experiment with different effects. Fabric irons have become increasingly popular, and today they are as easy to use as any other modern-day tool.

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