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What is Gel Pen Writing Ink?

What are Gel Pens? Are they useful? How do they differ from ballpoint or rollerball pens? Is it worth the extra money to buy a gel pen? These are just a few questions that one may ask about this relatively new product. This article looks at the basics of gel pens and how they are used.

First off, what exactly is a gel pen? A gel pen contains ink where pigment is suspended in a clear water-based gelled liquid. Because the ink is so thick and translucent, it appears much more visible on smooth surfaces than the normal inks used in felt or ballpoint pens. Gel pens are used for many different kinds of writing, illustration, and printing.

The key to the functionality of these pens lies in the gel ink itself. They are made of a special pigment compound that when applied to paper has certain properties that allow it to write more readily. These pigments used are available in several formulations and each brand can provide a different quality of ink. It is best to try a sample before purchasing a particular brand, to see which one has a better writing experience.

Another thing to keep in mind is that these pens use oil-based inks, not water-based ones. As such, they have a tendency to smear if used on very smooth or textured surfaces like bathroom tiles and marble. Some ink brands, such as the Parker brand, produce ink that dries very quickly; others, such as the Cross pens, are known for their exceptional wetness tolerance. Whichever brand you choose, make sure to test the ink out in an inconspicuous place first.

Before you actually begin using the gel pen, ensure that the gel is cleaned completely with water. It is important to remove all traces of water or any other liquid that may have been present when the ink was manufactured. This will prevent any contamination of the finished product.

It is a good idea to use a small amount of water-diluted gel ink to practice on paper first, to see whether this is a comfortable writing experience. Most writers find that the gel ink transfers more smoothly over a dry surface, so try blotting out a small amount of ink on a sheet of paper first. Once you are comfortable with this, you can move on to a few sheets of plain paper.

Next, test your fountain pens by writing letters at different angles. You want to test the quality of ink flow and the way that the ink stays on the paper. Some people prefer a smoother feel when writing with a fountain pen, while others appreciate the firmness of the nib. With a gel pen, it's best to experiment until you find the feel that works for you.

Finally, after you have written several pages with a sample pad of what is gel pen writing ink, take it home. Set it aside to allow it time to "rest". Many pens have an automatic shut-off timer, but if yours does not, set it to run for about two days. During this time the ink will have settled and will not be as effective in tracing and drawing. If you test it thoroughly before you give up on the idea of buying a fountain pen, you can keep one around for emergencies.

When writing with a pen, there are four basic colors: black, blue, green, and red. They represent the four corners of the black circle. There are also other colors that you may not have even considered such as brown, gray, orange, and pink. You may have even seen some special colors such as pink and yellow. These are sold as refillable or remanufactured pens. The most expensive pens are often the ones that have colors like gold or silver.

If you decide to get a colored gel pen, you need to make sure that you choose wisely. Although it is relatively cheap, the cost of purchasing a secondhand unit can easily cost much more than a new one. Second-hand units are known for their good functioning and high quality. However, they don't always write the same as a brand new one. To be on the safe side, always purchase a pre-owned unit.

Gel pens are made from several gels. Some use silicone, which is transparent. Some use metal salts and others may even contain fluorescent dye. There are so many different kinds that you are certain to find one that works well for you.

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