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Buyer's Guide

Factors to Consider Before Buying Glitter For Fabric


There are many factors to consider before buying glitter for fabric. Glitter is fun to buy, and there are so many different kinds to choose from. You should be sure that you know exactly what you are buying. Glitter should be chosen based on its function, and not just because it is prettily packaged. Here are some tips for choosing the right kind of glitters for your home.

What function do you need the glitter for? There are situations where glitter is needed to enhance certain parts of a room. Glitter can help with hiding things, or enhance certain colors in a room. If the purpose behind the glitter is to hide something, it will have to be small enough to fit in the space available. If the function you are after is simply to be able to add glitter to the decor, you may want to choose larger glitters that will spread nicely.

What are the colors you want to work with? There are so many different colors to choose from, that it may be difficult to make a choice. Some of the biggest factors to consider are whether the glitter will be used as an accent color, or if it will be used to add depth and richness to a design. If you are using glitter to enhance a design, then it may be necessary to find colors that complement each other well.

How much do you want to spend? The factors to consider when purchasing glitter include cost and how long you plan to keep it in use. Glitter is relatively inexpensive, and inexpensive prices don't mean cheap quality either. However, it is possible to spend too much, and if you do, quality may suffer.

Will you be using the glitter in high traffic areas such as hallways or entranceways? Glitter that will fall off the walls and tables will not only be irritating to people walking by, but will also be a safety hazard. Glitter may also chip if it is placed on very smooth surfaces. If you need to have glitter in such areas, then consider purchasing something cushioned, or even adding a little bit of sand to the surface of the glitter to soften its impact.

How will you be storing the glitter? Whether it is for a special occasion, or just in your home, you need to store your glitter safely. It is important that you keep it in a safe place where it will be out of reach of children and pets, and away from other things that may prove hazardous. If you are storing it in your home, then you will need a place to keep it until the event, and possibly until the next time you are planning on having the party. If you are planning an event, then you need to have a venue that will provide adequate space for your glitter.

Do you have any particular designs in mind? Many people like to have various designs imprinted onto their glitters. This can be a great way of making your own design or finding a design that you think looks really neat. The more elaborate the design, the more likely it is that someone will want to steal them, so it may be worth investing in a higher quality glitter to reduce the likelihood of this happening. However, if you do choose to invest in high-end or expensive glitters, then you should keep them well hidden from sight, out of reach of children and pets, and away from areas where they may cause offense or create a problem.

What type of occasion you are throwing? Some events have rules about who is allowed to enter and use the premises, and whether these rules are strict or not. If you are inviting guests to come and use the glitter, then it is a good idea to ask whether there are any specific rules regarding the display of glitters. In most cases, it is perfectly acceptable to display one or two colorful, sparkly pieces, as long as they do not cause offense. However, if you are having some special celebration or event, it may not be acceptable to decorate with glitter. In this case, it is probably not worthwhile considering buying glitters, or the cost would be excessive.

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