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The Best Iron On Transfer Paper

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Buyer's Guide

Welcome to your one-stop shop to find the best iron-on transfer paper for YOU!

Whether you’re looking to personalize your home and wardrobe, craft some awesome gifts, or just print out your children’s artwork - you’re going to want to make sure you choose the right paper for the job.

But where do you start?

With so many different types, features and choices, it can be easy to get overwhelmed and pick the wrong product for the job you need.

Some products can even be transferred to mugs, mousepads, and even phone cases!

So to make life easier - we did all the hard work for you and narrowed your search down to the 5

best products out there.

And after some practice, you can even start your own business!

Our Top Picks For Iron On Transfer Paper

  1. Best Overall: PPD Inkjet Iron-On Mixed Light and Dark Transfer Paper
  2. Best for Dark Materials: AVERY Printable Heat Transfer Paper for Dark Fabrics
  3. Best for Light Materials: Koala Light T-shirt Transfer Paper for Light Color Fabric
  4. Most Versatile: Inkjet Printable Heat Transfer Vinyl Paper, Use on Dark & Light Fabrics
  5. Highest Quality: PPD Inkjet PREMIUM Iron-On

Choosing iron-on transfer paper can be a difficult task, especially if you are new to the process. There are so many options out there, each with its own pros and cons.

With the advent of high quality, durable, and long-lasting UV protective, flexible, and transparent iron-on transfers, the process of buying, preparing, and applying them has become easier for buyers. There is no need to run out to the store every time you need to print a document. It's so easy to use iron-on transfers that the options are almost limitless.

This buyer's guide is designed for those looking for iron-on transfer paper that will meet all of their needs!

Types of Iron On Transfer Papers

Iron-on transfers come in various forms.

Dot Matrix: The most common type is the dot matrix which can be applied directly to a white or colored document and then printed right onto it. Dot-matrix is a popular choice because it is easier to use and can be applied almost immediately. It is also very affordable and will last a long time, providing high-quality results for all of your printing needs.

Full-color transfer paper: The second most common type of iron-on transfer paper is the full-color transfer paper. This provides high-quality images and text. This is a preferred choice over the dot matrix variety because it is more difficult to use and it is also more expensive.

Factors to consider when buying Iron on Transfer Paper

Printer Compatibility

Iron on transfer paper will only work with specific types of printers. If you have the wrong printer, the iron-on transfer can be difficult to use and oftentimes might not produce a quality result!

When looking for iron-on transfer paper, it is important to look at what type of printer your iron-on application methods will fit best in!

Fabric Color Suitability

Iron on transfer paper comes in many different colors. It is important that you choose iron-on transfer paper that works with any color material your specific project may be!

If the iron-on application method does not work well with darker fabrics, for instance, it might become very difficult to iron onto a dark-colored garment. Check which fabric color suitability iron-on transfer paper has before purchasing it.

Print Quality

Iron on transfer paper comes in many different varieties. There are iron transfers with high print quality and iron on transfers with low print quality!

It is important that you choose iron-on transfer paper that has a high level of print quality so that your projects come out looking professional!

To help maintain the brightness of the colors, do not place the sheets in direct sunlight or use heat to speed up the drying process. Instead, place them in a location where they will air dry. This is also helpful if you are planning to use them at home because it will save you time.

Once you are finished using the transfer sheets, you will want to store them in a safe location.

Price vs. Cost - Value for the money

When looking for iron-on application methods, the quality and price are very important to consider!

There are several iron-on transfer papers that simply do not work well with all types of fabrics or printers. These iron-on applications may be inexpensive, but they might end up costing you in the long run!

It is important to always look for iron-on transfer paper that has good quality but does not break your bank. If iron-on transfer paper costs too much, it might be difficult to continue using this method of the application over and over again throughout future projects.

If cost is an issue and you need to purchase several amounts of iron-on transfer paper, it is best to purchase them in bulk. You can find bulk items online and in some retail outlets. Typically, they will be sold for less per sheet because many of them are made by the same manufacturer and are sold in large quantities.

Buying in bulk is a great way to save money, and you will probably always have a supply of your favorite colors at your fingertips.

Transfer Method

Iron on transfer paper comes in many different iron-on methods. It is important you find an iron-on application method that works best for your specific project!

For instance, if ironing onto dark fabrics, the heat must be set to a low level because high temperatures might cause color damage or burning of any surrounding materials. If iron-on transfer paper is ironed on incorrectly, it is possible that the iron might create a reverse image of what you were trying to make.

It is important to research and find iron-on transfer paper with the media type and heat setting needed for your specific project in order to produce high-quality results!

There are several types of iron application methods, including iron-on, iron no steam, and iron away.

Iron-On Method

The iron-on method is the most popular way to apply iron-on transfer paper. It is widely used for countless projects, including home decor, crafts, and personal fashion items such as t-shirts or tank tops! There are different heat settings depending upon what type of material you want iron-on transfer paper ironed onto.

Iron-On Methods: High Setting - cotton, microfiber or linen Low Heat- silk and nylon Iron No Steam Method

The iron no steam method is a newer way to apply iron-on applications! It works best with synthetic fabrics such as polyester, rayon, and spandex. We recommend iron no steam iron on transfer paper for those that want to iron designs onto shirts, sweatshirts, and other synthetic fabrics!

Iron No Steam Methods: High Setting- polyester Low Heat - rayon Iron Away Method The iron away method is a newer way to apply iron-on applications. It works best with natural materials such as cotton or linen.

Iron Away Methods: High Setting - cotton, linen Low Heat- silk and nylon We hope that this iron-on transfer paper buyers guide has helped you decide which iron-on application method is best suited for your specific project! Keep reading our blog to learn more about many different types of iron applications, including press n' peel iron-on, iron-on lace, and iron-on vinyl!

Ease of Use

It is important iron-on application methods are easy to use!

For instance, if iron-on transfer paper has a complicated design, it might be very difficult to iron onto fabric. Ironing with this method of application needs to be accurate and precise, or else the ironed image will not appear as intended.

It is best that you look for iron-on transfer paper that is easy to iron on with and has an ironing design suited for your specific project.

They generally come with detailed instructions that walk you through the process step by step. It really is easy to master the techniques and get them down within a short period of time.

Once you learn how to use them, you will probably want to try them out on your own. You will find they are very simple to create.


It is important iron-on transfer paper adheres to fabric well!

If the iron-on application does not adhere well, it might end up falling off of the material you are trying to iron onto. It may also be difficult ironing with this method if iron-on transfer paper keeps sliding around or shifting while being applied. 

Make sure that the adhesive strength iron-on transfer paper is strong enough iron onto your specific type of material.

Processing Time

When ironing with iron-on application methods, it is important to find one that has a fast processing time! If iron-on applications take too long to apply, this could be problematic if you need to immediately wear or use something after you have applied the iron-on transfer paper.

Processing Time: iron-on transfer paper that has an iron time of at least 15 seconds is great for quick application! If iron-on applications take too long to apply, this could be problematic if you need to immediately wear or use something after you have applied the iron-on transfer paper. 

For instance, if it takes 30 minutes to iron on a shirt, you may have ironed it onto your clothes, but by the time iron-on transfer paper has been applied to the fabric and then removed from packaging, ironed on, allowed to cool, and then peeled off most people will not want to wait that long.

Transfer Paper Patterns

It is important iron-on application methods come in various patterns! If iron-on transfer paper only comes in one pattern, it may not have the design you are looking for. If this is the case, iron-on application patterns can be customized to suit your specific needs!

Transfer Paper Patterns: iron ones that come with various ironing designs such as words, numbers, and other shapes are great because they allow you to iron iron-on transfer paper onto fabric with the design you want!

Iron On Transfer Paper Brand

When ironing with iron-on application methods, it is important to find one that has a good brand! In order words, iron-on applications need to be from a company that makes high-quality products. If not, this could affect how your projects turn out and result in iron-on transfer paper falling off of your material.

Additional Information

Reviews Of The Best Iron On Transfer Paper From Our Research

You will be amazed at how many people will notice your creativity and ask how they can get one too 🙂

And the best thing about iron-on transfer paper is that anyone can use it to create, personalize, and express yourself from the comfort of your own home!

Even if all you’re trying to do is make monkey shirts for your fat uncle Lee.

So without any further ado, here are our top picks for the best iron-on transfer papers!

1. Best Overall Iron On Transfer Paper

PPD Inkjet Iron-On Mixed Light and Dark Transfer Paper LTR 8.5X11" - Pack...
  • Pack of 40 Iron On T-Shirt Printing Paper in 8.5x11” - 20...
  • Transfer text, images and pictures onto Dark/Black and...
  • Superior professional quality Transfer paper, used by PPD...
  • Compatible with all inkjet printers , using normal regular...

Avery makes some of the best iron-transfer sheets on the market.

They’re reliable and easy to use. It can be used with inkjet printers and is suitable for lighter fabrics. Made with Avery's Color Shield formula, your prints will stay bright and crisp even after repeated washes.

They also include templates and clip art to get the creative juices flowing if you’re feeling stuck.

What we love most:

  • Works on both light a dark materials
  • Easy to use
  • High quality
  • Machine washable
  • Fade-resistant
  • Compatible with inkjet printers

2. Best Dark Transfer Paper

Avery Printable T-Shirt Transfers, For Use on Dark Fabrics, Inkjet...
  • Create and customize your own printable iron on transfers;...
  • Ideal on black and dark-colored 100% cotton fabrics;...
  • Transfer text, images and photos onto black or dark colored...
  • Easily print creations at home on your inkjet printer; just...

This transfer paper is designed to work primarily with dark fabrics and is only compatible with inkjet printers.

The quality is fantastic, and this paper can be used to personalize pretty much anything that’s made of cotton or a cotton/polyester mix. From our experience - it produces clear and long-lasting designs on darker fabrics.


  • Easily bonds with the fabric
  • Soft, stretchable
  • Machine washable
  • Fade-resistant
  • Amazon best seller


  • Dark materials only

3. Best Iron On Transfer Paper for Light Materials

Koala Iron On Heat Transfer Paper for White and Light Fabrics- 10 Sheets...
  • This inkjet heat transfer paper enables you to put any...
  • Excellent print results give your transfer projects a...
  • Easy to transfer the image onto the fabrics with a home...
  • Compatible with inkjet printers, for long-lasting color...

When it comes to light materials - Koala is one of the best all-around choices. Their transfer paper works with ink printers, white-colored materials, and light fabrics.

The quality is great and you can typically pick it up for cheaper than most of the alternatives - and who doesn’t love good quality and a great price?

Whether you’re just starting out, crafting for fun in the sun, or doing this professionally -  Koala paper makes it easy to print & transfer your creations & images onto your stuff.

What we love most:

  • The paper is very high-quality
  • Versatile; works well with different materials
  • Won’t break the bank
  • Washes well

4. Most Versatile Iron-on Transfer Paper

Inkjet Printable Heat Transfer Vinyl Paper, Use on Dark & Light Fabrics, 25...
  • Economical Pack of 25 sheets of printable HTV paper, allow...
  • Transfer Master dark fabric heat transfer paper works with...
  • Friendly to users. You can transfer the picture onto the...
  • Our printable heat transfer paper works with all standard...

What we love most:

  • Iron your own designs onto shirts, tote bags, and more
  • Choose from image gallery or use your own photo
  • Designed for use on dark fabric but works well on others
  • Multiple options for quantity

5. Highest Quality Iron-on Transfer Paper

PPD Inkjet PREMIUM Iron-On White and Light Color T Shirt Transfers Paper...
  • Pack of 10 Iron On T-Shirt Printing Paper in 8.5X11” for...
  • Transfer text, images and pictures onto Light and White...
  • Premium professional quality Transfer paper, used by PPD...
  • Compatible with all inkjet printers , using normal regular...

For the professionals & crafting aficionados - quality is key!

All of the transfer papers we have discussed so far are very good products and we enjoy using each of them - but if we had to pick a winner for the highest quality, the PPD Inkjet PREMIUM would take the cake.

(And not just because it has PREMIUM in the name in caps 😉

It works very well on a variety of materials - from fabrics like cotton, linen, silk, viscose, etc. and can be ironed on at very high temperatures without melting into your projects (we’re not tye-dying here after all).

It’s also great for everything from everyday crafting with the kids all to the way professional-quality designs - you can customize just about anything with this paper.

Buyer's Guide For Iron-on Transfer Paper

Application process

There are two different ways to apply iron-on transfer paper:

Standard household Iron

All you need to do is create the design, print out the design, and then peel it off and iron it onto your fabric. This process takes a short time, less than 10 minutes!

Commercial Heat press

Although heat transfer printing is newer than the traditional iron-on decals, it's still a popular decoration technique.

Heat transfer, also called digital transfer, allows you to print your logo or design onto transfer paper.

Then, ink is thermally transferred from the transfer paper to your fabric by using heat and pressure.

Printer Compatibility

Not all iron-on papers work in every printer. Make sure you know what kind of printer you have before you buy. Here are the most common types & considerations:

Inkjet printers

These are the most common type of at-home printers found on the market today. Chances are, if you don’t know what kind of printer you have, it’s probably an inkjet.

Luckily, many iron-on transfer paper products are made exclusively for inkjet.

Sublimation ink printers

These use a special type of ink, creating a more detailed and durable design. While some inkjet printers allow you to swap out your standard cartridges, most compatible printers are made just for sublimation ink.

Laser printers

Although not typically used in the home, some transfer papers are made specifically for laser printers - but they can be difficult to find.

Material Color

Are you planning on putting your design on light or dark fabric?

This is one of the most important features to pay attention to when choosing the right product to fit your needs.

While most iron-on transfer papers out there will show up nicely on darker materials, it can be more difficult to achieve on light colors.

Have the end in mind before you start!


Are transfer paper designs machine-washable?

Yes. But your design will last longer if you turn the clothing inside-out before washing it.

Try to avoid washing with detergents that use bleach to preserve the design’s brightness!

Final Thoughts

You can use iron-on transfer papers with many fabrics and different products types, from logos on shirts to hats, facemasks, bags, aprons, quilts, pants, hats, lampshades, and pretty much anything you can imagine.

Pick one of the options from our list and you really can’t go wrong!

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