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The Best Jewelers Epoxy

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Bestseller No. 2
Vigor Jewelers Jewelry Epoxy 2 Part Glue Clear Colorless Sets 4 Minutes
  • .- Sets in 5 Minutes
  • .- Unaffected by water, oil, or gasoline
  • .- Dries: Clear
Bestseller No. 3
Vigor Jewelers 2-Part Epoxy 12.0451 Glue Jewelry Glass Wood Metal Plastic...
  • Bonds fiberglass, glass, ceramics, plastic, metal, wood
  • Sets within 4 minutes
  • Goes on clear and odorless
Bestseller No. 4
ICE Resin Plunger, 25ml
  • ICE Resin 25ml plunger. No measuring! Quick & easy; New...
  • Easy to use 2-part epoxy resin; non-toxic when cured
  • Jeweler's Grade, Crystal Clear, Self-Doming, Self-Healing
  • Preferred resin art medium for professional jewelry and...
Bestseller No. 5
CRAFT RESIN Epoxy Resin Kit - Crystal Clear Resin & Hardener for Jewelry,...
  • 💎 Craft Resin professional-grade clear resin and hardener...
  • 💎 Once cured, our crystal clear epoxy resin is resistant...
  • 💎 Our all-in-one epoxy resin starter kit has everything...
  • 💎 With a 1:1 mixing ratio, our Epoxy Resin Kit is simple...
Bestseller No. 6
Epoxy 330 Glue, 1/2 Fluid Ounces, Pack of 2 | GLU-203.30
  • Great for bonding gems, glass, china, ceramics, stone,...
  • Water-clear glue with fast setting time
  • Provides an invisible bond
  • Thickens in 15 minutes and hardens in 2 hours
Bestseller No. 7
Jeweler's Enameling Workshop: Techniques and Projects for Making Enameled...
  • Amazon Kindle Edition
  • Warg, Pauline (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 347 Pages - 08/31/2015 (Publication Date) - Interweave...
Bestseller No. 8
How to Price Crafts and Things You Make to Sell: Successful Craft Business...
  • Dillehay, James (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 132 Pages - 04/14/2020 (Publication Date) - Independently...
ON SALE NOW!Bestseller No. 9
32oz Crystal Clear Epoxy Resin Kit Casting and Coating for River Table...
  • Super Easy to Mix and Apply - 16oz Crystal Clear Epoxy...
  • High Gloss Durable Finish - Self leveling, and self...
  • Safe for Confident Use - Specifically formulated for artists...
  • Your Affordable Choice - Ideal for all Casting, Coating and...
Bestseller No. 10
Loctite Epoxy Five Minute Instant Mix 0.47-Fluid Ounce Syringe (1365868)
  • Easy-to-use self-mixing dispenser and precision applicator
  • High-strength formula bonds wood, metal, tile, ceramic,...
  • Waterproof, sand able and paintable
  • It can be used as an adhesive for a wide range of materials...

Buyer's Guide

Pros & Cons of Using Jewelers Epoxy 

Jewelers Epoxy is one of the latest coatings that is gaining huge popularity. It can be applied to virtually any kind of metal such as, chrome, stainless steel and sterling silver. There are many benefits that epoxies brings to jewelry making and this is why they have been used by jewelry artists all over the world. Some of these pros include:

Some of the greatest advantages of using Jewelers Epoxy are: it is hard wearing, strong, can provide a smooth surface finish, is available in various shades, and gives great resistance to moisture and grease. It is basically a clear liquid that comes in a clear liquid form. This epoxy resin will bond with other materials such as sterling silver, copper, and gold. Another great advantage of using this type of metal glue is that it is an excellent sealer and gives the jewelry making process added protection from water. One of the main cons of using this type of adhesive is that it tends to leave a sticky residue which can be quite messy.

Some of the pros of using Jewelers Epoxy are: it gives a non-slip surface finish, it is easy to apply, can create a smooth surface finish, it can provide protection, and it dries clear. This metal glue dries clear due to the fact that it does not contain moisture. Jewelers epoxy can also bond with other metals such as copper, brass, and stainless steel. Another pro of this epoxy resin is that it can be applied in a wide variety of applications. This resin has been widely used in jewelry making because of the above mentioned pros.

One of the cons of using Jewelers Epoxy is that if the resin is exposed to light then it becomes less transparent and becomes a non-transparent material. There are also known pros and cons of this adhesive depending on its quality. The highest quality epoxies have a high level of resistance to heat, chemicals, and moisture. It is said that these types of resin are good for projects requiring fine detailing, but it is not advisable for more intricate work.

A lot of the pros and cons of Jewelers epoxy glue are dependent on the type of jewelry that needs to be made. The best quality resin bonds better with metals than others, but the higher the quality the greater amount of time it takes to dry. Jewelry that contains minute amounts of metal shavings will bond better with an epoxy resin than other types of adhesives. The resin also dries clear, so if you are using this for making jewelry that is made from very small amounts of metal then it will not take long before it starts to bond with the metal.

There are also a couple of disadvantages to using this type of Jewelers Epoxy. It tends to peel off rather easily when exposed to air, heat, or chemicals. This means that if you apply the jewelry glue on a surface where it gets exposed to heat or chemicals then the edges of the piece may start peeling off rather quickly. If the item has been stored somewhere that it has been exposed to heat or chemicals then the edges of the piece may also begin to chip off rather quickly. If you are looking to get a perfect finish to your jewelry then you may find that this is not the best choice, but the pros of having a super new finish in your possession outweigh the cons.

The pros and cons of a Jewelers Epoxy paint package contain a list of what to look for and what to avoid. The list includes the ability to create a beautiful finish on any type of surface. It is able to dry extremely quickly so if you are a jeweler that needs to have a custom or unique finish applied then you will have no problem completing the job. It dries clear, so if you are using this on items that need fine detail then it will not cause the item to chip or discolor.

The product also comes in three different sizes, which include a sixty day supply, a one year supply and a three year supply. The product also has a two hundred twenty five day supply cap so you will never run out of color accent colors. All of the instructions that come with the Jewelers Epoxy should be followed correctly to get the best results. One thing to keep in mind is to read the directions very carefully before you begin applying the product so that you can create the best final product.


Jewelers Epoxy FAQs

Is it safe to use Epoxy paint on my Jewelers? - Yes, it is safe to use on all metals including stainless steel and brass. What are the benefits of using Epoxy on your Jewelry? - It can be used on any metal surface with no fear of discoloring. It is also known as a clear varnish and you can apply it yourself at home.

Is it easy to use and simple to do a job with Epoxy? - It really isn't that difficult. In fact, the easier you make it the better! All you have to do is follow the directions carefully. As mentioned earlier, you can do it yourself at home by following the directions found on the can.

Can I put colored gems in my Epoxy? - This can be done, but you will want to test them first. Some epoxies cannot withstand being colored. If you are unsure, just don't use it!

What if I am afraid of heights while using Epoxy? - You will not have any problems at all. This type of coating was specially designed so it will adhere itself to any flat surface. When applying it to your Jewelry, it will "go to work" and harden right along with the surrounding materials allowing for a professional looking finish. How do I clean my Jewelry after using Epoxy? - You can hand wash or even use a simple dusting with a hair dryer.

Is there an environmentally friendly version of Jewelers Epoxy paint? - There are several different versions available without any toxic chemicals. The most popular version used by jewelers today comes with an odorless green pigment that can provide an excellent shine to any metal surface while remaining non-toxic. These paints will not degrade over time and they will not peel up or crack. Jewelers have been using this type of paint for years now and it continues to be a popular choice amongst artists and homeowners alike.

Can I use Jewelers Epoxy on painted trim? - While there may be some trim or cabinets out there that can use Epoxy, it's best to leave it alone. One thing to note is that it does stick to painted trim. In other words, if you are using this paint to paint a new cabinet, it is best to put a coat of primer first before using Jewelers Epoxy. If you are unsure whether or not your trim can handle this type of paint, just don't use it. There are plenty of other options available.

Will I need professional tools to apply the epoxy? - Some type of brushes and a power washer are usually needed for an average job. In fact, you may even need a combination of power tools and a power sprayer to achieve the desired results. A professional epoxy artist will be able to give you more advice on how to accomplish a good job of applying the paint in your home.

Is Using Jewelers Epoxy safe for my surfaces? - The answer is yes. It has been proven to be safe for all types of surfaces, even glass. It will not scratch or discolor anything, so it is perfect for doing crafts around the house, or in your garage. If you decide to paint your whole home, it's important that you follow the instructions carefully, and try not to mix it with other paints or other substances.

Is there a odor when using Jewelers Epoxy? - No, it does not produce a strong odor like some other types of paint. However, some people do find it odd that no fumes are produced when using it, or that there is no visible dust when it comes in contact with something. So, it's up to you to determine if you want to make any noticeable changes to your environment, or not.

Can I paint a whole project in epoxy? - Yes, you can. You may even choose to do one area at a time, and then cover the rest with a new coat of paint. But, it is very important that you let each layer dry before you proceed with any other jobs.

Is there any difference between using jewelers epoxy and other types of paint? - There really is not much different, other than the fact that it is stronger and more durable than most types of paint. You may notice that the surface of some objects has a slightly raised texture when using jewelers epoxy. This is a result of the bond being held onto the surface for a longer period of time. When you remove the top coat, you will likely notice a smooth finish that has a slightly raised texture.

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