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The Best Long Arm Quilting Rulers

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Bestseller No. 1
Good Measure 1/4" Thick Machine Quilting ruler
  • Cut from clear 1/4" Thick acrylic
  • For use with 1/4" Ruler-work foot on any quilting or sewing...
  • Helps quilter lay down accurate, repeatable design lines
  • Use for stitch-in-the-ditch, echoing, parallel lines, and...
Bestseller No. 3
Creative Grids Machine Quilting Tool 3 Pack - Taj, Elvira, Chevy - Designed...
  • Creative Grids Grip ensures the tool doesn’t slip while...
  • Made with 1/4in thick high-grade acrylic that is perfect for...
  • Taj is perfect for quilting curvy, pointed arcs on your...
  • Elvira is quite handy when quilting wavy lines or continuous...
Bestseller No. 4
Handi Quilter, Inc Wave F ruler Clear
  • Made from .25-inch thick quality acrylic
  • Use the HQ Wave F to make spines for feathers and other...
  • This ruler makes an 8-inch wave from peak to peak and makes...
  • Use with the HQ Ruler Base
ON SALE NOW!Bestseller No. 5
Bestseller No. 6
Good Measure Every Circle 1/4" Set of 5 ruler set
  • Category name: chairs
  • Is assembly required:
  • Country of Origin: China
  • Color: Multi
Bestseller No. 7
HQ Multi Clamshell Template quilt tools
  • Made from quarter-inch thick quality acrylic
  • Use HQ Multi Clamshells to make clamshell designs with...
  • Includes instructions for use, safety tips, and design ideas
  • Use with the HQ Ruler Base
Bestseller No. 8
Hq Wave C Longarm Template
  • The HQ Wave C Longarm Template is designed for use with any...
  • It is easy to grasp and designed to fit comfortably in a...
  • High quality acrylic 1/4" inch thick insures safety when...
  • Etched lines to provide long lasting accuracy when quilting....
ON SALE NOW!Bestseller No. 9
Ditch Ruler
  • Ditch Ruler
  • Handi Quilter, Inc.
Bestseller No. 10
Creative Grids Machine Quilting Tool - Slim - CGRQTA2
  • Angela Walters, machine quilting author and teacher,...
  • Black and White dashed guide lines are visible on all fabric...
  • Curved edges create versatile designs
  • The narrow width fits in any size throat space

Buyer's Guide

Types of Long Arm Quilting Rulers

Long arm quilting rulers are a must have for your first project if you are looking forward to mastering the technique. Tips for Long Arm Quilting Rulers & Mini Rulers, both come in one handy package. Some of the main features that a beginner would want from a rulers are: durability, easy use, precision, sizing ability, quilting ability, etc. Miniature rulers on the other hand are very useful in teaching new quilters the process of laying out a quilt, how to identify colors, matching colors, etc. For beginners I recommend a mini ruler over a long ruler as this will make the process so much easier.

Long arm quilting rulers come in two types: machine rulers and hand quilting rulers. Machine rulers can be purchased already attached to the machine, whereas hand held quilting rulers are either available as a separate machine tool, or they can be purchased and attached to a specific quilting machine. I personally prefer a separate machine tool as I prefer to keep all of my quilting tools in one place (machine versus handheld). Also with the separate machine ruler I can usually run several different sizes through the machine at once without having to worry about losing my work.

Handheld quilting rulers come in many shapes and sizes. The size that you choose depends on your individual needs. If you're just starting out or if you're a beginner it's generally a good idea to go with a smaller quilting templates than one with a larger size.

Long arm quilting templates also come in a variety of shapes. Round, square, rectangular, octagonal, oval, and oblong are just a few of the shapes available. Each type of shape has its own particular benefits and pitfalls. It's best to experiment with each shape to determine which is easiest for you to use. Once you master one basic shape you'll know which type of shape will work best for your quilting needs.

Another quilting tool that is useful for long arm quilting is an A-frame quilting ruler. These machines allow you to precisely cut out circles and other shapes that may be needed for your quilt. Some machines even have the ability to lay down multiple layers of fabric. These types of machines can also be programmed to sew buttons, batting, and other attachments into your quilt. This makes them invaluable when making baby quilts.

Many machines that are used for longarm quilting also have functioned as a stapler. If you will be using a stapler while you're making a quilt it's definitely worth spending the extra money to purchase one that has this feature. Versions of these machines come with built in staplers that attach to the machine. Otherwise, you will need to purchase separate rulers that have this type of attachment.

One type of quilting cutting rulers that many people don't think to include when purchasing a machine are straight cutting rulers. These rulers are great for making long arm quilts. They can cut all three edges of a fabric that is straight or they can cut across the fabric's grain. As you can see, the different types of cutting rulers can be a big help in making your projects come out the way you want them to. So if you haven't already started using a long arm quilting ruler, don't wait until you're starting your project - go get yourself a ruler today!


How thick are longarm quilting rulers?

Longarm Rulers or Templates should be used. Your machine requires only 1/4" rulers. When using hopping feet, this thickness is safe.

How thick is a quilting ruler?

a quarter inch. The Slice Ruler is available in two thicknesses: 1/8 inch for home machines and 1/4 inch for longarm machines.

How thick are low shank quilting rulers?

Low shank rulers (1/8") for low shank machines, though thicker long-arm rulers can be used in certain positions (to the front and sides of the foot).

How thick are Westalee high shank rulers?

The 3mm rulers are used for the 4.5mm low and medium shanks, while the 2.5mm rulers are used for the high and high-shank special shanks. The American quilter was also experimenting with the Janome ruler foot and sharing his ideas on how to quilt with rulers on a sewing machine.

What are Westalee rulers?

Leonie West, an Australian designer, created the Westalee Designs 1/2" Ruler Foot. It enables quilters to use a domestic machine to create beautiful quilting designs by sewing with templates and rulers.

How big is a long arm?

A longarm sewing machine frame is typically between 10 feet (3 metres) and 14 feet in length (4.25 metres).

What are the sizes of quilts?

Standard Quilt Dimensions size of the mattress (inches). 16-inch drop coverlet From FluencyFrom Fluency

Can you use low shank rulers with a high shank sewing machine?

Westalee rulers are thicker than Baby Lock rulers. If you have Baby Lock brand rulers, you can use them on long arm machines or high shank machines. What an added bonus! ABQ Sewing Studio sells Baby Lock sewing machines and accessories. Call or visit us today.

What is ruler quilting?

Ruler quilting is a type of free motion quilting that employs a foot with an elevated edge that runs parallel to the edge of the template. Because the foot does not engage with the feed dogs, you must regulate the stitch with your hands.

How do I know if my sewing machine is low shank or high shank?

A low shank machine measures half an inch from the bottom edge of the presser foot to where the screw turns. The images show a Brother Innovis anniversary and a Pfaff machine. A high shank machine is one with a shank diameter of 1 inch or greater.

What is the difference between a high and low shank sewing machine?

A high shank machine is about 1 1/4 inches long from the screw to where the foot meets the ground. A low shank machine measures approximately 3/4 inch from the screw (small dot on the picture above) to its bottom.

Where are Westalee rulers made?

From FluencyWestalee Design has made its way into homes all over the globe. It was made and distributed in Australia, and it was also manufactured and distributed by Sew Steady in the USA.

What is stable tape?

Stable Tape, a self-adhesive tape that helps to keep rulers and templates in their place, is available. It is suitable for domestic and longarm users. Packets of 5 strips-Cut to size

How much do long arm quilters make?

Your fee structure and how many orders you place will determine your annual profit. A basic longarm service for a queen-sized quilt costs just $100. A king size will cost you $125.

What does a long arm quilter do?

Long arm quilting, just like its name implies, uses a long-arm quilting machine. These machines can load the top, back, and batting into a frame and then sew all three layers simultaneously. The head of the machine can be rolled horizontally or vertically to quilt, while the fabric remains in place.

What is the meaning of long arm?

From FluencyPower, especially far-reaching power The long arm of the law From Fluency

What does it mean to float a quilt top?

Let's go back a moment... "Floating" a quilt top refers to quilt tops that are layered on the backing and batting but not attached to the longarm frame. Floating is very popular, and it can be achieved successfully.

What is the most common quilt block size?

The 12-inch size is the most popular size for quilt blocks and the one that FaveQuilts users love the most. It's versatile and can be used to display your creative use of HSTs and fussy-cut fabrics.

What size quilt is 200x200?

From FluencyFrom FluencySingle XL > 140 x 200 cm. Double XL > 160 x 200 cm. From Fluency

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