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Creative Ways to Use Melty Beads and Perler Beads

Melty Beads don't fool people; they are some of the best-looking, most durable beads that you will find anywhere. They look just like real pearl beads, but they don't have to be (and they aren't). I've been looking for a good quality rubber band brace for a long time because I wanted to get something that would last and also looked good. Unfortunately, most of the bracelets that I've found end up in the bottom of my freezer.

Kids don't usually like to wear things on their hands, especially if they're not going to be wearing them for an extended period of time. Most of the time, your kids won't want to put anything on their wrists, and that includes your favorite little melty beads. So, the best way to prevent them from losing or breaking their tiny beads is to keep them in a protective sleeve. I actually bought one of those "storage cases" for my beads, which worked perfectly. My little girls and I could keep each other's fingers free for hours, and we got many hours of use out of the container.

But, because of their size, they aren't good for storing for more than a few weeks, at least not in my case. So, what do I do with my precious little melty beads and other polyester Perler beads? I went to my local craft store, which had a cute little selection available. I chose some awesome colors and designs that I knew I could stick on any number of projects, and they turned out to be very durable.

I had two choices: keeping my melty beads and polyester pearlers at home or transferring them to my regular pegboard after I did the projects. I chose the latter simply because my pegboard was already insulated and dry, and it was much easier to transfer the designs. What I did was melt down some of the labels from my "Perler beads" set and stick the label on the pegboard. Then I turned on my iron and immediately noticed how cold it was to touch the iron while it was still on the tag. After waiting a few minutes and then putting the cap back on, it was as easy as touching one pegboard to another.

Another way to keep my melty beads and polyester Perler beads safe and dry is to place them on a flat wax paper plate. The plate needs to be lined with wax paper, and you can stick little rubber bands around the edges of the plate to hold it in place, but you need to be careful not to allow the wax paper to melt into the plastic beads. I had no problems sticking these items to the wax paper, and they all went through the process without a hitch. My only real problem was that the design on one of the plastic beads ended up a little cracked. It took a little bit of scrubbing to get it back to the shape I wanted, but overall, no problems at all.

I recently found an easy alternative to wax paper that works just as well and doesn't melt. The item is called the Melty Pearl Plastic Bead Sheet, and it's available from Jojoba Oil craft stores. This product is also available on Amazon. It's a very sturdy sheet used for making rubber bracelets and other crafts, and it's very easy to use.

Last, if you're trying to think of more creative ways to use your melty beads and fused clay, then you might want to try using various types of fused clay for some projects. As long as you leave out the stick on the ends of the plastic beads, you'll be able to get some great results. You can even fuse different colors of plastic beads together to make a design that's not only unique but also eye-catching. One great project for kids with small hands is to make mosaic tile murals for a backyard. That way, the kids can have fun while learning as well!

Using Melty Beads and Perler Beads in creative ways is something that many crafters are starting to do, especially when projects become too time-consuming. You can either try the method mentioned above or perhaps fuse beads into the various pieces of equipment you already own. Either way, you'll be sure to create some great projects that will keep you entertained for a long while.

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