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The Best Mod Podge Dimensional Magic

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Mod Podge Dimensional Magic - How To Use It To Create Magic

Create beautiful textures, faux mosaics, block-grouting, and many other textures using Mod Podge Dimensional Magic. It's formulated to dry flat, yet has the stick-ability of a texture paste. The stick-fit formula will not run or sag, allowing it to be perfect for paper, jewelry, block-grouting, and many other home craft projects. This product can be used to create textures. Here are some projects you can try:

Use this amazing texture to make "bottle caps" and attach them to necklaces. Use one part Mod Podge Dimensional Magic, one part white glue (moderately diluted), and two parts silver or gold-colored wire. Glue the bottom of each strip to the necklace and then the top. Decorate with buttons, beads, and glitter for a one-of-a-kind look.

Create a collage by using Mod Podge Dimensional Magic to create an inspirational words pattern. Take the bottom half of a half-inch square cardboard and cut four equal strips; match the length and width of the four pieces to the size of your photos (more about that in the next step). Mod Podge a coordinating color on each piece. Let dry; if desired, add a drop of Mod Podge Silk Stains to the final collage. When completed, gently push the collage between your fingers to flatten it out.

Use this kit to create "bottle caps" for an elegant touch to any craft project. With this kit, you'll also get some Mod Podge Dimensional Magic in a handy little binder so you can create more craft kits as you go along. Craft stores or online auction sites like eBay offer great prices on these Mod Podge kits. In fact, you might even find them at a discount if you look around. You can use this material to make a bracelet for your child or even make a tie band locket for your purse.

The magic ingredient in the "bottle caps" is Mod Podge Dimensional Magic. You'll need to soak the material in warm water-based acrylic paint for at least one hour. Then, use a hot iron to set the paint. Let dry; use a hot water-based brush to apply Mod Podge silk Stains to the entire surface of the piece. Allow project to dry for 24 hours for best results.

If you use this product to make candles, then you'll find that Mod Podge Dimensional Magic can be used to make a candle holder out of a clear acrylic candle jar. Again, you will need to soak the material in warm water and then use a hot iron to set the paint. Let dry; then use a hot water-based brush to apply Mod Podge silk Stains to the entire surface of the piece. Allow the project to dry; use a hot water-based brush to apply Mod Podge silk Stains to the entire surface of the piece.

For this type of magic effect, you will need to have a pint of Mod Podge Resin and one gallon of clear resins. Mix up the resins according to the instructions on the package; this will make a gallon of Mod Podge Resin, enough to coat your table. Once you've mixed it up, you will then want to put a drop or two of Mod Podge Crystal Clear onto the bottom of each piece of glass you are going to be using; the Mod Podge crystal clear will make a white frosting that you can use to tie everything together.

You will then want to take your needle nose pliers and put the ends of both ends of the plastic tube together. These two pieces of tubing should be one inch apart, so they can screw onto the bottle caps. Once you have done that, you will then put one end of the tubing over the bottle cap and pull the needle out. Then you will push the needle down into the middle of the tubing and twist it a little bit to seal the end of the tubing. Now, you're ready to get some fun!

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