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How to Make Press Flowers

Pressed Flowers are a great way to decorate any home. They come in various shapes, sizes, and colors. They make a bold statement and really add an exotic flair to any room. There is an endless amount of ways that you can use them. Let's look at how to create your own pressed flower wall art.

To begin with, you will need a large glass frame, clear or colored, a bunch or more, a few pressed flowers, some scissors, paintbrushes of contrasting colors, and a craft cloth. You will also need some clear scotch tape for step one. Let's get started!

Step one: First, decide which flowers you will decorate. Depending on the size of the group you are working with, this may not be too difficult to do. If you are pressed flowers are very large, you may want to group several of them together. Next, you will need to take some large pieces of clear or colored paper and place them inside of your glass frames. The flowers that you choose to use will determine the overall design and colors of your display.

Step two: Once you have your glass frames all ready assembled, you will need to gather up your dried flowers. These should range from three inches to a foot in diameter, depending on how large your grouping is. Do not forget the dried foliage on the ends. It is very important that you carefully remove any excess foliage before beginning the second drying process. You can use either your paper trimmers or a knife to cut out extra foliage.

Step three: Next, it is time to arrange your flowers. This step simply involves arranging your flowers in whatever manner you like. Remember that there are countless options when it comes to how you arrange your pressed flowers. You can create a botanical print, a floral grid, a layered print, and even a zebra print!

Step four: Let's not forget about the pressing. To make the final product truly beautiful, it will require a bit of skill. Start by placing your flowers on a plate. Cover them with either an old receiving table napkin or a clean tablecloth. Fill the bottom of the plate with water and allow your flowers to remain submerged for approximately twenty minutes. After twenty minutes, take them out of the water and press them with your fingers.

Step five: Now that your pressed flowers are completed, you can finish your floral arrangement by decorating them. One of the easiest ways to achieve this is through pressing. Instead of using pins, you can use a decorative ribbon to wrap your flower petals around your stems. Next, you can pin your ribbons to your bouquets. You can also use buttons for more sophisticated-looking flowers.

Flower pressing might seem like a time-consuming task, but it can turn out to be a very enjoyable craft project. Once you learn how to properly press flowers, you can take your pressed flowers to any number of creative events such as weddings and showers. By learning more about flower pressing, you'll find yourself wanting to press flowers for events in your life! It really is an enjoyable and creative hobby that can help you express yourself.

Aside from decorating your wedding and shower gifts, you can also press flowers to create unique souvenirs. For example, you can create unique coasters by pressing flowers. Pressing petals into coasters allows you to add your own flair to the gift. You can even print special designs on the coasters with your own artwork or pattern. International pressed flower art is one of the hottest new trends in gifts and can turn into a wonderful keepsake for your loved ones.

After you learn how to press flowers, you'll want to learn more about decorating with flowers. Creating flowers with petals is incredibly easy, and you can easily turn your petals into pillows, cushions, lampshades, or anything else that you desire. To get started, simply purchase a flower roller that comes with a bunch of petals, and then purchase some thin cardstock paper to write on. Remember to leave a little bit of white room on the edges so that the paper doesn't melt when it touches the heated metal rollers underneath.

Finally, after you have everything cut, wrap the flower press in tissue paper and a decorative bag. Package the pieces in colorful cellophane bags and tie them with a ribbon or festive cord. Store your handmade wedding gifts in a cool, dry place, and use your flower press anytime you want to create your own gifts. Whether you are making homemade coasters, holiday decorations, or souvenirs, your flower press will help you to create the perfect gifts.

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