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Information About Scrapbooks

Scrapbooks have become one of the most popular forms of keeping records for individuals and families. Although they started out as a tool for documenting and preserving memories, scrapbook albums today are used to keep memoirs, celebrate special occasions, record travel adventures, store collectibles, as well as to store information for future use. The concept of the scrapbook may be very different from the one that was developed over a century ago, but the basic idea is the same. Scrapbooks can be customized with photos, titles, and other embellishments, or they can simply be made using ordinary items found around the house.

Scrapbooks that focus on certain events or themes, such as weddings, graduations, births, anniversaries, or holiday celebrations, can be made with a little help from some scrapbook supplies retailers. Professional scrapbook enthusiasts and organizers prefer scrapbooks that go through conservation treatment since the result makes the pages more durable and prevents wear and tear. Most scrapbooks that are disposed of after being used are placed in storage facilities, but occasionally they are given back to the public. When this happens, the owners will want to have them restored or reformatted, which is where scrapbook restoration services come into play.

Preserving your scrapbooks is simple when you know how, but it does require some upkeep. There are many different options available for preserving your scrapbooks, from using acid-free paper, acid-free cardstock, lamination, glossy protective coatings, protective or transparent plastic compartments, archival or plastic mounts, hole punches, stencils, and many different binders. Scrapbooks that feature handmade papers, especially those that feature beautiful color designs, are particularly vulnerable to preservation challenges.

The most common challenge faced by scrapbookers when it comes to saving their memorabilia is protecting the photos and memorabilia from moisture and light. Since so many scrapbooks were created as collections of personal memories, preserving these memories becomes an even more important concern. Scrapbooks can get damaged when stored in damp conditions, especially if they contain pictures or memorabilia with watermarks, fade, or spots.

Scrapbooks can be damaged in other ways, such as by acid or bleach damage, heat damage, mildew, and storage. Scrapbooks may also become damaged due to misplacement or misfiling. In all these cases, scrapbook preservation requires the scrapper to contact professionals who offer the services of digital imaging, conservation, and reformatting.

Digital imaging is the process of scanning items and storing them electronically. This saves space and is much faster than traditional album storage methods. Conservation involves protecting the items using various methods, including packaging, covering, acid-free media, protective folders, and storing the scrapbooks in a humidity-controlled environment. Scrapbooks can also be digital clippings. Clippings are basically small portions of a magazine or newspaper that have been printed digitally.

Digital scrapbooking provides opportunities for scrapbookers to create great quality works of art by using their digital cameras. While most scrapbooks do not require the same quality as books, there are some scrapbook magazines that provide very good-quality paper, cardstock, rubber stamps, glue, hinges, page borders, and adhesive backing that will make a professional scrapbook easily available to clients. Broken pages may be repaired using quality paper and glue, but the scrapbook will look horrible if broken bookbindings are used because the glue used will melt the pages. For this reason, it is best for scrapbookers to stick with good-quality binding materials that will not melt.

Most scrapbooks do not need to be reformatted every so often, but some do, and scrapbook enthusiasts should always check for damage whenever they are about to reformat their pages. If you find any damage on your pages, then you should remove them immediately from your scrapbook and save them until you have enough money to reformat them. While you are saving the pages, you should take care to protect the area around the damaged page as the glue that is used to repair the page will likely leave some acid on the surrounding pages. If you do not remove the pages when you are about to reformat them, then you will find that when you do fix the page, some of the information on the damaged page may be lost. You can fix this type of problem by either reformatting the page again or putting a small piece of acid-free material over the information that was removed.

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