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Buyer's Guide

Know The Facts Before Buying Tattoo Transfer Paper

Tattoo transfer paper is exactly what tattoo artists use today to turn your pencil tattoo image into the ultimate blueprint for the real tattoo. The most widely used method to apply tattoo transfer paper actually utilizes a high-speed, electrically conductive type of tattoo transfer paper to stick your desired tattoo image to your own skin. Simply slide your original design over the carbon black ink.

What exactly is Tattoo Transfer Paper? Tattoo transfer paper's main function is to provide the artist with a surface that is easy to clean and sculptured to produce a work of art. This type of ink has many layers, each of which can be painted or etched to provide the final layer of color. This is especially true of the original deep-pigmented tattoos that were done hundreds of years ago. These tattoos were done on the bodies of criminals and people who served time in prison.

There are two different types of Tattoo Transfer Paper, a top layer and a bottom layer. The top layer is generally made up of a thicker resin, while the bottom layer will be a white, translucent, semi-transparent paper. In between the top layer and bottom layer, there are numerous other additives, such as a variety of powders and resins, that will be mixed to create a unique texture and effect.

What are some popular applications for Tattoo Transfer Paper? Popular styles and designs include Tribal Artwork, Stars, Butterfly Tattoos, Dragonflies, Sunflowers, Flowers, and Planter Beads. One of the advantages of purchasing this type of print material is that you can print your tattoo directly onto the sheets. Some companies also allow you to utilize an adhesive stencil to adhere the print to the sheet. When purchasing and using these types of products, you want to ensure that the stencil is of the highest quality because it will be the permanent part of the design.

How is Tattoo Transfer Paper created? This type of print product is typically created by using an electrically charged stencil attached to one end of one of the 25-piece sheets. Each sheet will have the same stencil. Some companies will offer different colored stencils at an additional cost.

What are some of the benefits of working with Tattoo Transfer Paper? One benefit of working with Tattoo Transfer Paper is the ease and quick process of application. Depending on the artist that you're working with, it may take an artist less time to complete a particular design with the use of these types of stenciling kits. For example, a small group of stars can be completed in under 2 minutes with the use of one of the many inkjet printers that are on the market. The ease of use is an important factor since an artist can apply these tattoo transfer papers quickly and confidently. Another important factor is that an artist can create different styles and patterns of stars, so if you need multiple stars or a unique pattern for each area of the design, a stencil is often used.

One other benefit of Tattoo Transfer Paper is that an artist can work in an unlimited variety of colors and patterns, which allows the tattooist to produce a wide variety of final images. This can also make the process of creating a design more interesting for an artist. Some tattoo shops have taken advantage of the large variety of colors and patterns found on Tattoo Transfer Paper to produce spectacular images for their customers.

How do I purchase Tattoo Transfer Paper? Like all inkjet products, Tattoo Transfer Paper can be purchased through a number of different retail locations. There are a few online stores that sell wholesale amounts of this paper at very competitive prices. Wholesale prices can be significantly lower than those found in retail stores. Also, the convenience of ordering in bulk online allows an artist to complete several tattoos in a short period of time.

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