Blind Hem Sewing Machine Presser Foot - Fits All Low Shank Snap-on Singer, Brother, Babylock, Viking (Husky Series), Euro-pro, Janome, Kenmore, White, Juki, Bernina (Bernette Series), New Home, Simplicity, Necchi, Elna and More!

  • Blind Hem Sewing Machine Presser Foot - Fits All Low Shank Snap-On Singer*, Brother, Babylock, Viking (Husky Series), Euro-Pro, Janome, Kenmore, White, Juki, Bernina (Bernette Series), New Home, Simplicity, Necchi, Elna and More!

SINGER | Narrow Rolled Hem Foot for Low-Shank Sewing Machines, 1/8 Inch Hem, Light to Medium Weight Fabrics, Couch Over Narrow Cord - Sewing Made Easy

  • The Rolled Hem Snap-On Presser Foot, also known as a Narrow Hem Foot, is used to sew a narrow rolled hem, providing a professional edge finish of 1/8 inch
  • The small rolled hem adds a perfect decorative finish to lightweight or sheer fabrics like those on scarves and blouses
  • Genuine SINGER Accessory in carded blister pack
  • For use with low-shank sewing machines, including brands Babylock, Bernina, Brother, Elna, Euro-Pro, Husqvarna Viking, Janome, Juki, Kenmore, Necchi, New Home, Pfaff, Simplicity, White
  • Downloadable instructions and video tutorial available on this product page
  • This sewing machine is warranted for use in the US and Canada at 110 volts only

DREAMSTITCH 200130006, F018N 5mm Metal Blind Hem Presser Foot For Bernina,Brother,Janome,Alphasew,Babylock,Bernina,Elna,Janome,Juki,Kenmore,Simplicity,Singer,Viking,White and More Sewing Machine 7308M

  • Made in Taiwan High Quality Premium Sewing Presser Feet From DreamStitch.200130006, F018N.Adjustable for creating blind hems on a variety of fabrics. While designed for blind stitching, the foot works well for edge stitching, lace and fabric edge joining.Brother Blind Hem Stitch Foot fit 5mm.
  • Fit Brother : 150 Campus,B346,B349,B351,B352,BM-2600, BM-3500,BS-2400,BS-2420,BS-2430,BS-2410,BS-2440,BS-2450,BS-2451,BS-2452, BS-2453,GA-15,JS-2130,JS-23,L25,L30,LS-1217,LS-1520,LS-1717,LS-1717B,LS-1717P, LS-2000,LS-2020,LS-2020P,LS-2125,LS-2125B,LS-2125i,LS-2129,LS-2150,LS-2160, LS-2220,LS-2320,LS-2725,LS-2820,LS-2920,LS-30,LS-3125,LS-3125E,LS-590,LS-1817, LS-2130,LS-2250PRW,LS-2300PRW,LS-2350,LS-2400,LS-2720,LS-2825,LX-1700 LX-3125,LX-3125E,LX-2375,NX-400,NX-600,NX-200,P-1000
  • Fit Brother : Pacesetter PS21,PC-15, PE-300S,PE-400D,PS-1000,PS-1200,PS-1950,PS-2000,PS-2100,PS-3700,PX-100,PX-300 PX-200,PXL-5130,PXL-5232,RXL-5340,RPX-100,SL-7,Star 20E,Star 30E,Star 40E,VX-1410, VX-1420,VX-1430,VX-1435,VX-1440,VX-1450,VX-1451,VX-1452,VX-1453,VX-1500,VX-1400, X-3,X-5,XL-2022,XL-2120,XL-2121,XL-2130,XL-2220,XL-2230,XL-2610,XL-2620,XL-3010,XL-3022, XL-3025,XL-3100,XL-3200,XL-3500,XL-3510,XL-4010. XL-4011,XL-4040,XL-5010,XL-5011,XL-5020, XL-5021,XL-5031,XL-5130,XL-5232,XL-5340
  • Fit Brother : XL-5500,XL-5600,XL-5700,XL-6050,XL-6452,XL-6562, XL-2015,XL-2021,XL-2030,XL-2140,XL-2150,XL-2240,XL-2250,XL-2600,XL-3500T,XL-3520,XL-3800, XL-4012,XL-4013,XL-4014,XL-4015,XL-4020,XL-4030,XL-4041,XL4041AV,XL-4045. XL-5030,XL-5100, XL-5200,XL-5230,XL-5300,XL-6040,XL-6041,XL-6042,XL-6043,XL-6051,XL-6052,XL-6053,XL-6060, XL-6061,XL-6062,XL-6063,XL-6462,XR-33,XR-34,XR-46,XR-65T,XR-23,XR-31,XR-32,XR-46C, XR-52C,M880
  • Fit Bernina : Bernette 50, Bernette 60, Bernette 70, Bernette 705A, Bernette 715, Bernette 75 ; Fit Babylock : 15, B17, B21, BL1108, BL1170 BL1556, BL2000, BL2200, BL2300, BL25A, BL500, BL6200, BL6700 BL9, Companion 1550, Denim Pro BL16, Denim Pro BL18, Design Pro BL22 Design PRO BL23, Maria BL23A, Natalie BL18A;

Narrow Rolled Hem Sewing Machine Presser Foot Set Suitable for Household Multi-Function Sewing Machines 3 mm, 4 mm and 6 mm (3)

  • 3 Different sizes: this narrow hem sewing presser foot kit includes 3 sizes, will help you create beautiful rolled hems on lightweight fabric effortfully
  • Durable material: the hem presser is made of stainless steel, which is long-lasting and durable, bright color and not easy to rust
  • Narrow rolled hem foots: the sewing hemming feet can be applied to most of household low shank sewing machines; Suitable for some thin fabric serging stitch, beautiful and practical
  • Quantity: this set includes 3 pieces rolled hem presser foot in 3 sizes, 1 piece in 3 mm, 1 piece in 4 mm and 1 piece in 6 mm, sewing with this foot is not difficult but it may need a bit of practice; It is suitable for some thin fabrics, which can be better to roll up some beautiful patterns
  • Tips: this foot set for promises a friendly condition of use, it can fit for most low shank sewing machine, such as, compatible with Brother Singer and Janome, etc.

evernice Blind Hem Edge Stitching Presser Foot for Bernina Old Style 530 610 730 830 930 1010 1530 1630

  • EN-PF08BO for Bernina 1530 & 1630 1200 Series models..... 1230, 1260 1100 Series models..... 1120, 1130 1000 Series models..... 1000, 1001, 1004, 1005, 1006, 1008, 1010, 1011, 1020, 1030, 1031, 1080, 1090 900 Series models..... 900, 900E, 910, 910N, 930, 931, 932, 940, 950
  • For Bernina 800 Series models..... 800, 801, 801s, 802, 802s, 803, 803s, 807, 808, 809, 810, 811, 811s, 817, 818, 819, 830, 830e, 830H, 831, 832, 840, 841, 842, 850 700 Series models..... 700, 707, 708, 709, 717, 718, 719, 730 (not Artista 730), 731, 732, 741, 742, 744
  • For Bernina 600 Series models..... 600(not deco), 610, 614, 640-2, 642-2, 644 500 Series models..... 530, 530-2, 531, 532, 532-2, 534, 540, 540-2, 542-2
  • This consist of 3 very useful parts :a presser foot base+Snap-on Shank+Bernina adapter, you also can use these 3 parts on your other machines or changing to other purposes foot.

HONEYSEW Blind Hem Foot for Bernina Old Style 830 Record, 831, 832, 900, 910, 930 Sewing Machine

  • HONEYSEW Blind Hem Foot For Bernina OLD STYLE 830 Record, 831, 832, 900, 910, 930 Sewing Machine
  • This foot was designed specifically for easily stitching a blind stitch and includes an adjustable guide for accuracy. You can also use this foot for quick edge stitching along fabric edges.
  • This Presser Foot is Not Made BY Bernina Fits 500 Series models..... 530, 530-2, 531, 532, 532-2, 534, 540, 540-2, 542-2 600 Series models..... 600(not deco), 610, 614,640, 640-2,(will not fit Artista 640) 642-2, 644
  • For Bernina Sewing Machine Models: 830 Record, 831, 832, 840, 841, 842, 850, 900, 910, 930, 931, 932, 940, 950, 1000, 1001, 1004, 1005, 1006, 1008, 1010, 1011, 1015, 1020, 1030, 1031, 1080, 1090, 1120, 1130, 1230, 1260, 1530, 1630

Windman Sewing Hemming Set Includes 3Pcs Wide Hem Foot,3Pcs Narrow Rolled Hem Presser Feet,Bias Tape Binder Foot and Adjustable Guide Presser Foot for Brother Singer Janome Low Shank Sewing Machine

  • VALUE FOR MONEY-Only cost you half money if you purchase these individually,package includes 3pcs WIDE ROLLED hem foot(1/2", 3/4", 1");3pcs NARROW ROLLED hem sewing foot(3mm,4mm,6mm);bias tape binder foot and adjustable guide foot,8PCS in one,make your sewing projects more sophisticated and improve your efficiency
  • FABRIC HEMMING-The shape of the rolls in these Brother hem foot make it very easy to fold the hem and they do grab the fabric very well so it isn't a pain to keep it lined up,use these narrow rolled hem foot on napkins, ruffles, handkerchiefs, lingerie,when we hem some thicker fabrics or some more normal hems,instead of the narrow singer hemming foot,we have wide hemming foot just meets all your projects in one pack
  • SEW & STITCH-The adjustable guide foot is a snap on foot with a plastic guide on the right and a click as you move in 1/16” increments,place the guide along a stitched seam or against any edge to give you beautiful topstitching,used for both straight and decorative stitches,perfect for channel quilting,ideal for any quilter or project that requires consistent sewing seam
  • TAPE BINDING-You can use your binding foot to attach bias tape and quilt binding,it lines up the needle right where you want it and you get a straight, perfect stitch,even better, you don’t have to pin the binding all the way around whatever you’re sewing before you attach it,just feed your binding into the presser foot as you feed in the fabric
  • OUR SERVICE-Windman promises 100% satisfaction to our customers,if it's incompatible with your sewing machine or have problems during usage,just feel free to contact us,and for more products in sewing projects,check our shop and you'll find what your are looking for~

DREAMSTITCH X56409001 Snap On Blindhem (Blind Stitch) Presser Foot (R) for Babylock,Brother,Simplicity Sewing Machine ALT:BLG-BSF,X56409051,X56409-001,XC4051031,XC4051051,XC4051-051,XE2650001-7326BR

  • Made in Taiwan High Quality Premium Sewing Presser Feet From DreamStitch. For Low Shank Sewing machines. Part No.X56409001. ALT:BLG-BSF, X56409051, X56409-001, XC4051031, XC4051051, XC4051-051, XE2650001.Finish your hems professionally with the easy-to-use Blind Hem foot. This foot creates the same invisible hem seen on ready-made dress pants, skirts, dresses, and even curtains. Simply install the foot, switch to a blind hem stitch, and line up your fold with the white guide bar.
  • Fit Babylock : BLAR,BL137A,BL137A2,BL200A,BL210A,BL220BBrilliant,BL40,BL40A,BL50A,BL7800,BL80B,BLCC,BLCC2,BLDC,BLDC2,BLDYDestiny,BLDY2DestinyII,BLG,BLG2,BLG2-NZ,BLG3Ellegante3,BLJYJourney,BLL,BLL2,BLMAV2AventuraII,BLMCCAccord,BLMJZJazz,BLMLRLyric,BLMPRPresto,BLMPR2PrestoII,BLMR,BLMSPSoprano,BLMVR,BLN,BLQC,BLQC2,BLR2,BLR3,BLSASolaris,BLSO,BLSOG,BLSOG2EllisimoGoldII,BLSR,BLSR-EB,BLSY,BLTP,BLTYUnity,ESE(Esante),ESE2(Esante2),ESG(Ellageo),ESG2(Ellageo2),ESG3(Ellageo3),ESI,ESI2,ESL(Ellure),
  • Fit Babylock : ESN(Encore),ESP(Espire),INT ; Fit Simplicity : SB700T, SB7500; Fit Brother : 895,BC1000,BC2100,BC2100WT,BC2300,BC2500,BQ2450,BQ3050,BQ950,BX2925PRW,CE1100PRW,CE1125PRW,CE4000,CE4400,CE5000,CE5000PRW,CE5500,CE5500PRW,CE7070PRW,CE8100,CS6000B,CS8060,CS8072,CE8080,CE8080PRW,CE8100,Comfort40E,Comfort60E,CP6500,CP7500,CS100T,CS4000,CS5000H,CS5055PRW,CS6000,CS6000B,CS6000I,CS6000T,CS7000H,CS7205,CS770,CS80,CS8060,CS8070,CS8080,CS8100,CS8120,CS8130,CS8150,CS8200,CS8800PRW,CS9100,DS-120
  • Fit Brother : DS-140,DZ2400,DZ2750,DZ3000,DZ3400,DZ820E,ES2000,ES2000T,ES2200,ES2010,ES2210,ES2020,ES2220,ES2400,ES2410,ES2420,EX660,FS100WT,FS130QC,FS-20,FS-40,FS-40WT,HC1850,HE120,HE120PKG,HE240,HS1000,HS2000,HS2500,HS3000,HS9500,Innov-is990D,Innov-isXP1Luminaire,JS50E,LB6770,LB6800,LB6800PRW,LB6800THRD,LB6810,NC21-S2,NC21-S3,NC21-SE,NQ1300,NQ1300PRW,NQ3600D,NQ575PRW,NQ700,NQ700PRW,NQ900,NQ900PRW,NS40,NS80,NS80PRW,NV1,NV1000,NV1200,NV1250D,NV1500,NV1500D,NV200,NV2500D,NV2800D,NV350SE,NV400
  • Fit Brother : NV400SE,NV4000,NV4000D,NV4500DDuetta,NV4750D,NV500,NV500D,NV5000,NV600,NV6000D,NV6700D,NV750D,NV780D,NV900,NV900D,NV950,NV950D,NX200,NX200LE,NX200Innovis,NX200Pacesetter,NX2000,NX250,NX400,NX400Innovis,NX400Pacesetter,NX400LE,NX400QE,NX400Q,NX450,NX450Q,NX5000,NX600,NX650,NX800,PC210,PC210PRW,PC2800,PC3000,PC420,PC420PRW,PC6000,PC6500,PC7000,PC7500,PC8000,PC8200,PC8500,PC8500D,PC8895,PE300S,PE400D,QC1000,QS480,RS240,RS250,RS260,S62,SB1000TSimplicity,SB3129Simplicity,SB7500,SC6600

Hemming Foot Kit 6Pcs Hemmer Foot Sewing Machine Presser Foot Hemmer for Brother Singer Janome Low Shank Sewing Machine Use Rolled Hem Presser Foot

  • HEMMER FOOT is definately a useful tool for domestic fabric hemming,now you'll have a kit of 6pcs hemming foot with no time,package includes 3pcs wide rolled hem presser foot(4/8,6/8and 8/8 inch)and 3pcs narrow sewing foot hemmer(3,4 and 6mm)
  • LOW SHANK sewing machine can attach this feet rolled hem set,to measure your machine shank,just find the thumb screw that holds the foot on the machine and measure the distance from the center of screw to the sewing board,low shank has a 1/2 inch measurement
  • EASY HANDLING and widely used in kinds of hemming projects of fabrics with this hemming foot brother,The shape of the rolls in the hemmer foot make it very easy to fold the hem and they do grab the fabric very well so it isn't a pain to keep it lined up
  • WIDE&NARROW sewing foot hemmer set totally 6pcs comes in one package,when we hem some thicker fabrics or some more normal hems,instead of the narrow Singer hemming foot,we have wide hem presser foot for such as cotton skirt hemming projects
  • OUR SERVICE is always online for customers,if you feel not satisfied with this Brother Singer rolled hem foot set,just feel free to contact us,we'll try our best to solve the problem for you,so BUY IT WITH CONFIDENCE

Madam Sew Rolled Hem Presser Foot Set 3 Piece Wide Hemmer Foot Kit Includes 1/2, 3/4" and 1 Presser Feet Compatible with Singer, Brother, Babylock, Euro-Pro, Janome and More

  • SUPER VALUE 3-PIECE SET includes a 1/2" hemmer foot for 13mm wide rolled hems; a 3/4” hemmer foot for 19mm wide rolled hems; and a 1” hemmer foot for 25mm wide rolled hems. Sew perfect, even hems on skirts and shirts in mere minutes.
  • CREATE FLAWLESS FINISHES on homemade scarves, blouses, and pants with this 3-piece set of rolled hem presser feet for sewing machines. Our wide hem presser feet let you complete perfect rolled edges quickly and easily.
  • EASIER, MORE ACCURATE SEAMS require no pre-folding or ironing. The metal curl on the foot turns under the raw edge as you sew, delivering a clean and professional hem on both sides of the fabric.
  • WIDELY COMPATIBLE with most low-shank domestic sewing machines. The Madam Sew Rolled Hem Presser Foot Set is suitable for use with Kenmore, White, Juki, New Home, Necchi, and Husqvarna Viking.
  • ENJOY EXCLUSIVE ACCESS to online tutorials and written instructions. Madam Sew Rolled Hem Presser Feet give all of your sewing projects the impeccable finished results of a seasoned tailor or seamstress.
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