Brother SA134 Blind Stitch Vertical Foot,Silver

  • Adjustable sole plate secures fabrics as blind hems are created with machines having 7mm feed dogs
  • Foot opening can accommodate any left to right needle position
  • Seam guide moves easily with the rotation of the channeled washer to create custom seam width sizes
  • Genuine Brother Made Accessory
  • For all 7mm feed dog machines

SINGER 2123 Vertical Needle Zipper Foot

  • Hinged-adjustable for precision stitching when applying zippers
  • Suitable for Singer vertical needle sewing machines and other brands using a side fastening thumb screw including Kenmore, White and Signature

Brother SA133 Blind Stitch Horizontal Foot

  • Adjustable sole plate secures fabrics as blind hems are created with machines having 7mm feed dogs
  • Foot opening can accommodate any left to right needle position
  • Seam guide moves easily with the rotation of the channeled washer to create custom seam width sizes
  • Genuine Brother Made Accessory
  • For all 7mm feed dog machines

Brother SA127 5mm Narrow Hem Foot

  • Create flat narrow hems on lightweight fabrics (for machines with 5 millimeter feed dogs)
  • Fold and stitch fabric edges in one step
  • Precise measurement from fabric edge
  • Genuine Brother Made Accessory
  • For all 5 millimeter feed dog machines

Madam Sew Presser Foot Set 32 PCS - The ONLY Sewing Machine Presser Foot Kit with Manual, DVD and Deluxe Storage Case with Numbered Slots for Easy and Neat Organization

  • GREAT TO HAVE, GREAT TO GIFT, as seen in Threads Magazine Gift Guide. This 32-piece sewing machine presser foot kit puts all the most popular presser feet at your disposal without breaking the bank. Compatible with Singer, Brother, Janome, Husqvarna, Viking and Kenmore sewing machines, their superior design and top quality construction ensure long-lasting durability. Bonus low shank adapter included.
  • PRICED AT 50% OFF the retail price. 32 PIECE SET includes essential craft sewing presser feet for gathering, zipper insertion, darning, edge joining and more. Expand your possibilities and impress your family with homemade sewing crafts using our presser foot kit.
  • RISK FREE GUARANTEE ensures that you can return the Madam Sew Presser Feet Set if it is incompatible with your sewing machine. Universal Design allows Madam Sew Presser Feet to fit all popular low-shank sewing machines, with our included bonus adapter if required.
  • SNAP-ON INSTALLATION is quick, easy and hassle-free. Every Madam Sew Presser Feet Kit includes digital and printed full-color manuals that identify each presser foot and its uses. You will learn how to get the most out of every presser foot with our helpful manuals.
  • ORGANIZER CASE lets you quickly find the right attachment in a blink. This heavy-duty plastic case with its snap-locking lid protects pressers from drops and impacts by securing them safely in their own form-fitting recesses.

ANYQOO 3 Sizes Rolled Hem Pressure Foot Sewing Machine Presser Foot Hemmer Foot Set (1/2 Inch, 3/4 Inch, 1 Inch) for Singer, Brother, Janome and Other Low Shank Adapter (Rolled Hem Presser Feet)

  • Brand New and High Quality—Includes 1/2"" hemmer foot (13mm wide rolled hems), 3/4"" hemmer foot (19mm wide rolled hems), 1"" hemmer foot (25mm wide rolled hems),which can be used for Singer, Brother, Janome,Kenmore,Babylock,Elna,Toyota,New Home,Simplicity and other low shank sewing machines,NOT Suitable for Industrial and MINI Sewing Machines
  • Easy to use—Widely used in clothes and other projects with lightweight fabric
  • Excellent Design-durable hard metal material for a long time use
  • Convenient to use:If you want to confirm whether your sewing machine is a low shank machine or not,find the thumb screw that holds the foot on the machine. Measure the distance from the center of the screw to the floor plate. If it measures 1/2 inch you have a low shank machine
  • 100% MANUFACTURER MONEY BACK GUARANTEE:90 Days for a No-Question-Asked Refund, 1 Year Warranty and Lifetime Support Guarantee

DREAMSTITCH X56409001 Snap On Blindhem (Blind Stitch) Presser Foot (R) for Babylock,Brother,Simplicity Sewing Machine ALT:BLG-BSF,X56409051,X56409-001,XC4051031,XC4051051,XC4051-051,XE2650001-7326BR

  • Made in Taiwan High Quality Premium Sewing Presser Feet From DreamStitch. For Low Shank Sewing machines. Part No.X56409001. ALT:BLG-BSF, X56409051, X56409-001, XC4051031, XC4051051, XC4051-051, XE2650001.Finish your hems professionally with the easy-to-use Blind Hem foot. This foot creates the same invisible hem seen on ready-made dress pants, skirts, dresses, and even curtains. Simply install the foot, switch to a blind hem stitch, and line up your fold with the white guide bar.
  • Fit Babylock : BLAR,BL137A,BL137A2,BL200A,BL210A,BL220BBrilliant,BL40,BL40A,BL50A,BL7800,BL80B,BLCC,BLCC2,BLDC,BLDC2,BLDYDestiny,BLDY2DestinyII,BLG,BLG2,BLG2-NZ,BLG3Ellegante3,BLJYJourney,BLL,BLL2,BLMAV2AventuraII,BLMCCAccord,BLMJZJazz,BLMLRLyric,BLMPRPresto,BLMPR2PrestoII,BLMR,BLMSPSoprano,BLMVR,BLN,BLQC,BLQC2,BLR2,BLR3,BLSASolaris,BLSO,BLSOG,BLSOG2EllisimoGoldII,BLSR,BLSR-EB,BLSY,BLTP,BLTYUnity,ESE(Esante),ESE2(Esante2),ESG(Ellageo),ESG2(Ellageo2),ESG3(Ellageo3),ESI,ESI2,ESL(Ellure),
  • Fit Babylock : ESN(Encore),ESP(Espire),INT ; Fit Simplicity : SB700T, SB7500; Fit Brother : 895,BC1000,BC2100,BC2100WT,BC2300,BC2500,BQ2450,BQ3050,BQ950,BX2925PRW,CE1100PRW,CE1125PRW,CE4000,CE4400,CE5000,CE5000PRW,CE5500,CE5500PRW,CE7070PRW,CE8100,CS6000B,CS8060,CS8072,CE8080,CE8080PRW,CE8100,Comfort40E,Comfort60E,CP6500,CP7500,CS100T,CS4000,CS5000H,CS5055PRW,CS6000,CS6000B,CS6000I,CS6000T,CS7000H,CS7205,CS770,CS80,CS8060,CS8070,CS8080,CS8100,CS8120,CS8130,CS8150,CS8200,CS8800PRW,CS9100,DS-120
  • Fit Brother : DS-140,DZ2400,DZ2750,DZ3000,DZ3400,DZ820E,ES2000,ES2000T,ES2200,ES2010,ES2210,ES2020,ES2220,ES2400,ES2410,ES2420,EX660,FS100WT,FS130QC,FS-20,FS-40,FS-40WT,HC1850,HE120,HE120PKG,HE240,HS1000,HS2000,HS2500,HS3000,HS9500,Innov-is990D,Innov-isXP1Luminaire,JS50E,LB6770,LB6800,LB6800PRW,LB6800THRD,LB6810,NC21-S2,NC21-S3,NC21-SE,NQ1300,NQ1300PRW,NQ3600D,NQ575PRW,NQ700,NQ700PRW,NQ900,NQ900PRW,NS40,NS80,NS80PRW,NV1,NV1000,NV1200,NV1250D,NV1500,NV1500D,NV200,NV2500D,NV2800D,NV350SE,NV400
  • Fit Brother : NV400SE,NV4000,NV4000D,NV4500DDuetta,NV4750D,NV500,NV500D,NV5000,NV600,NV6000D,NV6700D,NV750D,NV780D,NV900,NV900D,NV950,NV950D,NX200,NX200LE,NX200Innovis,NX200Pacesetter,NX2000,NX250,NX400,NX400Innovis,NX400Pacesetter,NX400LE,NX400QE,NX400Q,NX450,NX450Q,NX5000,NX600,NX650,NX800,PC210,PC210PRW,PC2800,PC3000,PC420,PC420PRW,PC6000,PC6500,PC7000,PC7500,PC8000,PC8200,PC8500,PC8500D,PC8895,PE300S,PE400D,QC1000,QS480,RS240,RS250,RS260,S62,SB1000TSimplicity,SB3129Simplicity,SB7500,SC6600

Hemming Foot Kit 6Pcs Hemmer Foot Sewing Machine Presser Foot Hemmer for Brother Singer Janome Low Shank Sewing Machine Use Rolled Hem Presser Foot

  • HEMMER FOOT is definately a useful tool for domestic fabric hemming,now you'll have a kit of 6pcs hemming foot with no time,package includes 3pcs wide rolled hem presser foot(4/8,6/8and 8/8 inch)and 3pcs narrow sewing foot hemmer(3,4 and 6mm)
  • LOW SHANK sewing machine can attach this feet rolled hem set,to measure your machine shank,just find the thumb screw that holds the foot on the machine and measure the distance from the center of screw to the sewing board,low shank has a 1/2 inch measurement
  • EASY HANDLING and widely used in kinds of hemming projects of fabrics with this hemming foot brother,The shape of the rolls in the hemmer foot make it very easy to fold the hem and they do grab the fabric very well so it isn't a pain to keep it lined up
  • WIDE&NARROW sewing foot hemmer set totally 6pcs comes in one package,when we hem some thicker fabrics or some more normal hems,instead of the narrow Singer hemming foot,we have wide hem presser foot for such as cotton skirt hemming projects
  • OUR SERVICE is always online for customers,if you feel not satisfied with this Brother Singer rolled hem foot set,just feel free to contact us,we'll try our best to solve the problem for you,so BUY IT WITH CONFIDENCE

Madam Sew Rolled Hem Presser Foot Set 3 Piece Wide Hemmer Foot Kit Includes 1/2, 3/4" and 1 Presser Feet Compatible with Singer, Brother, Babylock, Euro-Pro, Janome and More

  • SUPER VALUE 3-PIECE SET includes a 1/2" hemmer foot for 13mm wide rolled hems; a 3/4” hemmer foot for 19mm wide rolled hems; and a 1” hemmer foot for 25mm wide rolled hems. Sew perfect, even hems on skirts and shirts in mere minutes.
  • CREATE FLAWLESS FINISHES on homemade scarves, blouses, and pants with this 3-piece set of rolled hem presser feet for sewing machines. Our wide hem presser feet let you complete perfect rolled edges quickly and easily.
  • EASIER, MORE ACCURATE SEAMS require no pre-folding or ironing. The metal curl on the foot turns under the raw edge as you sew, delivering a clean and professional hem on both sides of the fabric.
  • WIDELY COMPATIBLE with most low-shank domestic sewing machines. The Madam Sew Rolled Hem Presser Foot Set is suitable for use with Kenmore, White, Juki, New Home, Necchi, and Husqvarna Viking.
  • ENJOY EXCLUSIVE ACCESS to online tutorials and written instructions. Madam Sew Rolled Hem Presser Feet give all of your sewing projects the impeccable finished results of a seasoned tailor or seamstress.
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