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3M Adhesive Remover

3M - 3004.7855 General Purpose Adhesive Cleaner, 08987, 15 oz Net Wt
  • Specially blended solvent for removal of light paint overspray,...
  • Aerosol formula
  • Quickly removes waxes, greases, oil and tars
  • Will not harm most thoroughly cured automotive paint, vinyls, or...

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How To Use 3M Adhesive Remover

Krud Kutter Adhesive Removers - This handy, ready-to-use adhesive remover removes all types of stains, bonded-on adhesives, glue, and mats. Simply spray it onto the stain, wipe it off, and apply again to remove any excess glue. Use after cleaning out tile, flooring, laminate, fabric, and wood floors to remove adhesions from walls and floors without leaving a residue. It breaks down the bond between the adhesion and the backing, which allows easy clean-up, unlike solvent-based adhesives, which are messy. It will not damage painted and unpainted surfaces.

Tape It Down - Sometimes, the tape can be difficult to remove if it has been on the wall for a long time. To remove the sticky tape, use the 3M adhesive remover. Take the piece of tape and pull it off the wall where it is stuck. Make sure the tape is completely gone from the area to prevent unsightly marks from being left behind. It's also best to pull the tape straight up instead of bending it or twisting it, as this can cause the tape to stick even more to your paint.

WD-40 and Silicone Suede Gloves - These items are perfect for removing paint quickly. Either spray them onto the surface to be stripped or place them over the area you want to paint and spray them onto the wall. The wd-40 is a lubricant that helps keep paint from sticking to the metal parts. If you're using gloves, the silicone helps with wicking away any excess paint, so the gloves don't slip.

2 Use a Sticky Note - If you find a need to write something on the wall and you don't want the whole area to be touched up, use the two use the 3M adhesive remover. Make a note of where the sticker goes before starting to apply it, so you don't make a mistake. You may also want to write down a number of times, so you will know how many passes you will need to do in order to cover the entire area.

Scrape Off - If you find the tape that has been around too long, scrape it off with a knife or scissors. However, be careful not to cut yourself or the area you just scraped. When applying the 3M adhesive remover, make sure to scrape it clean before you apply it. If you apply the solution too close to the tape, you could end up ruining the backing of the tape. It will be harder to remove, and it might even bleed or leak.

Apply and Clean Off - When the sticky notes or stickers are dry, you can apply and then clean off the 3M adhesive remover. You will want to do this right away if you plan on leaving it in place for a few hours. The product is highly effective when removing stubborn stains and grease but may not remove the most stubborn marks. It will not harm most cured automotive paints and is also suitable for glass and vinyl surfaces. When removing bumper stickers, you should ensure that the adhesive has full bonds to all of the parts of the bumper.

Follow These Steps - After removing the adhesive, you should first apply some of the 3M adhesive removers to the painted surface to be removed. Then using the included air compressor, apply the remover in smooth, even strokes. If you are applying it to a surface that is extremely shiny, you should use an airbrush to create a more even finish. After you have finished, you should allow it to dry for a few hours before you use the vehicle. You will not harm most cured automotive paints, and it is also suitable for glass and vinyl surfaces.

How To Protect Your Paint Job - Once you have cleaned the area with the 3M adhesive residue remover, you should then clean it off with the appropriate cleaner. You should make sure that you rinse any cleaners that you are using off any excess wax, oil, and adhesive residue from the surface of the car or truck. To protect your car's finish, you should allow the paint to dry for several hours before applying the new paint. If you find that the paint is dull, you should lightly sand the surface using very fine-grit sandpaper.