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Art Supplies Box

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Buyer's Guide: Art Supplies Box

What You Need to Know About Art Supplies Box

The art supplies box buyer's guide is a comprehensive and inclusive buying guide for art materials. It covers everything from the artist's tools to brushes and paints, to canvasses, to model or special-occasion sculpture items. It also includes an introductory guide to selling art. Buyers will find that the following tips can increase their art supplies box purchases.

First, make sure your art supplies box is well-stocked. You will need different types of artist's brushes and paint and oil paints as you venture into different artistic mediums. If you only have a couple of bottles of these in stock, consider buying a bulk box so that you have plenty at any one time. This will save you both time and money since you don't have to run back and forth to your local art supply store.

Next, make your art supplies box a welcoming place. A great way to do this is to personalize it by adding some beautiful artwork or a special logo or phrase. You might also consider purchasing a unique letterhead or business card for it. Keep your box stylish by placing it on a shelf or on a stand-up box.

Buy some storage containers to help organize your art supplies. Use a clear plastic container that can be placed on top of the box or wrapped around a piece of handmade paper. These containers will keep your art supplies inside safe and keep them off the floor and out of sight. These containers are available at many retail and craft stores. You might also want to look into buying small, decorative boxes that you can fill with art supplies during your day.

Consider purchasing a travel easel or a chalkboard to put your art supplies into an easy-to-carry case. Many people use travel easels when they need to work on their art while away from home. If you have a large collection of art supplies you should consider a travel easel to organize and protect your items.

There can be another effective way to store your art supplies in an organized way. Place your items in the box with coordinating colors or theme cards. This is especially helpful if you have a particular item in minds such as a specific type of painting or a type of sketch. To keep the box from becoming torn, insert a ribbon or a string of beads through the eyelets on the box. Some craft stores sell specially designed boxes to store art supplies. If you can't find one at your local store, you can purchase one online.

To store your art supplies properly, it is recommended that you break down your items into separate compartments in order to better see what you have. Group similar items together; for example, if you have a number of sketches in various sizes and shapes, you may want to group them all in a medium-sized box that has dividers. Storing everything in its own bag can cause the art supplies to mix up and look messy. Storing them in their respective areas of a box or bag will help prevent this problem.

When you are done buying art supplies, clean out your box regularly to keep them fresh. Use an old towel to wipe down all of the surfaces that you have space on. You should also store your art supplies in a dust-free environment, such as in drawers or bins at your home. To learn more about how to buy a box for your art supplies, check out the "Art Supplies Box Buyer's Guide" found at the Art Buyers Resource Center.