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Arteza Watercolor

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Buyer's Guide: Arteza Watercolor

Arteza Watercolor Paintings

Arteza Watercolor Paintings are truly original works of art that offer infinite options for your home decor. These hand-painted watercolors are made of medium dried pigment, which imparts a rich texture and true color. The paints used are acrylic and are resistant to staining, cracking, and fading. The medium dried pigments are cured through a process of heating and drying them in the traditional manner. The result is a long-lasting, highly comfortable, and visually stunning addition to your home.

The Arteza line offers rich and vibrant rich tones in various traditional Arte painting styles that are highly pigmented colors. From highly pigmented shades of Lemon Yellow, Burnt Sienna to Cobalt Blue, and more, the assortment includes an endless array of high quality, highly pigmented colors that will make an excellent addition to your home interior design scheme. There is a hue for every little detail, wash, from ultra subtle nuances of a silvery gray to bright pops of fuchsia; each color is unique and totally unique.

Because the Arteza line is created by hand by skilled painters, every single piece is one of a kind. Each original painting is created by the artist using a special formula that imparts true coloring to the paints. The paints are mixed with oil, so the Arteza line has exceptional pigment control and no solvent-based fillers. Therefore, it is highly pigmentary stable and long-lasting. Unlike many other paints, Arteza Watercolor is made exclusively from pure watercolor paints. Since Arteza Watercolor is made entirely from water, there is no fogging or condensation.

Some of the most popular Arteza Watercolor colors include the highly popular colors Neon Orange, Citrine Blue, and Golden Moss. Neon orange is a bright, intense color that is considered to be a contemporary orange. Citrine blue is a beautiful shade that contains very few veins and is unique because of its cool, blue tone. Moss is another favorite Arteza Watercolor color that is rich, dark green that is generally blended with medium green. These characteristics create a stunning effect in watercolors because Moss visually adds depth while creating an atmosphere of mystery and mysticism.

With a wide range of Arteza watercolor paints available, from ultra-sheer colors, to moderately sheer, medium, to super sheer, you are sure to find just the right hue for your particular project. It doesn't matter whether you are looking for a vibrant painting or a more subtle, earth tones; Arteza has a great variety to offer. For example, there are landscapes, seascapes, animals, people, and even paintings of flowers. As with any other oil painting, if you want to create an abstract piece, then you will need to either use low-quality oil paints or go for high-quality acrylics.

One of the greatest attributes about Arteza watercolors is that they are very easy to use and store. A watercolor painting is typically hung on a canvas with a plastic tray under it, which helps keep the painting protected while it dries over time. When it comes to painting larger paintings or when you want a specific effect, there are hundreds of options for you to choose from. For example, there are a number of different sizes that are available in the Arteza series, such as the Arteza 60 Set, Arteza 60 Hanging, Arteza Single Bowl, Arteza Double Bowl, and Arteza Multi-Carousel.

If you would prefer to buy Arteza tubes rather than the individual paints, then you can find them in a number of different sizes. The best thing about buying Arteza tubes is that you get more colors, as well as high-quality pigmentation. Because each color is packaged separately, you have the assurance that you are getting the high-quality paint you expect to pay for. You will also be saving money because you will not need to buy multiple tubes of paint.

Arteza offers two types of student-level watercolors: Splendor and Serena. Splendor is a soft, velvety type of watercolor that is made in the same factory where Arteza High-end Paintings come from. Serena is a richer, harder acrylic color, which is very beautiful to look at. This type of Arteza paint comes in a limited edition series and is known for its vibrant colors and rich pigmentation. With all of these choices, there is no reason why you should not have any problem finding a painting that suits your needs. To see what types of Arteza paints are available, search on the Internet for "Serena" or "Splendor."