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Avery Heat Transfer Paper

Avery Printable Heat Transfer Paper for Light Fabrics, 8.5" x 11", Inkjet...
  • Quality results for a Professional, fashionable look
  • Use to personalize your t-shirts, hats, Aprons and even Bags
  • Designed for use on white/light-colored, 100% cotton/poly, cotton...
  • Color Shield formula means colors stay bright, even after being washed

Buyer's Guide: Avery Heat Transfer Paper

What Are Avery Heat Transfer Paper Designs?

Avery's Heat Transfer Ink is the leading brand of heat transfer paper and has long been known for being dependable and versatile. Create and personalize your very own custom printable tattoo; 8.5" square transfer sheets are ideal for customization on garments, t-shirts, aprons and other personal clothing items. Ideal on light or white-colored 100% cotton / polyester blend fabrics; creatively formulated thermal transfer ink bonds with skin, leaving it smooth, soft, fade-resistant and long-lasting.

Avery Heat Transfer Ink comes in a variety of colors, each with different textures and unique properties. They are formulated for use on light and white colored garments, but work well with any type of color. Also, they're especially effective on cotton/Polyester blends since the ink is able to make the garment smooth and soft. Most brands are permanent, but there are some types of Avery that can be removed and washed; light fabrics do not need special care when removing them.

Avery offers a full line of personal and professional apparel. Lightweight shirts, casual trousers and dress shirts can all be transformed with Avery Heat Transfer Paper. Customize light fabric transfer sheets to create a one of a kind look for any wardrobe, and experiment with different colors, sizes and textures to create unique clothing items. Personalize light fabric transfer sheets by adding in an accent color or decorating with embroidery, stitching or lamination.

Use a Avery Heat Transfer Inkjet Printer to create custom apparel from your photos. You can create a personalized set of t-shirt and sweatshirt designs from your favorite pictures using a standard inkjet printer. This means that you don't have to purchase another garment in order to enjoy the benefit of Avery's custom t-shirt line. Simply load the inkjet printer with your digital images, choose a size, and use the appropriate positioning tools to position your design over your garment. If desired, remove the garment and let the garment dry for a few minutes before returning it for printing.


Create a unique tattoo from your computer by loading your favorite digital photograph onto the Avery Software system. Select a background design from the selection option, and use the anchor tool to center your picture in the desired place. Then, just drag and drop the image from your computer onto the Avery application software application, and use the location tool to drag and drop the picture onto your desired garment. After this, you can print your custom pirate face tattoo directly from your computer.

You can also use heat press machines to make an incredible selection of custom T-shirts and sweatshirts. To do this, select fabrics in the Avery Heat Transfer Paper section. Select a fabric in any fabric selection, or a specific fabric in our specialty heat pressed fabrics section. When you have selected your fabric choose a design from the selections available to your left-hand side, then select "heat press" from the selections on your selection list.

This is the best heat transfer paper that can be found on the market. Avery uses state-of-the-art technology to transfer your digital images onto high-quality heat press machine fabrics. The results are nothing short of fantastic! The results of this product are astonishing, because our customers have given us feedback that this is one of the best products they have ever used.

High quality transfer paper is essential to creating custom garments, projects, and decorations. Without the assistance of heat press transfer fabrics, no one would be able to create these amazingly detailed custom creations. These are not your run-of-the-mill t-shirt or sweatshirt templates; these are 100 percent unique garments that are made with your personal details in mind. This is where we believe you come in. You can bring your creative mind to life, using a cutting edge sublimation heat press to create your design.