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Body Paint

Mehron Makeup Fantasy F/X Water Based Face & Body Paint (1 oz) (BLUE)
  • Fantasy FX is Mehron's water-based, highly pigmented cream makeup.
  • Formula dries down to a transfer resistant matte finish, no setting...
  • Great for face & body painting, SFX, Halloween, cosplay, sports games,...
  • Squeeze tube allows for easy application. Formula removes easily with...

Buyer's Guide: Body Paint

Advantages Of Body Painting

Bodypaint has now come back into fashion and provides many new and old teenagers & women with the opportunity to express their individuality. Some people may choose to express their love for a particular group such as a specific sports team or favorite film character or maybe just want to express their freedom & creativity with color. The use of body paint can be both simple & complicated depending on how you choose to apply it, the tips below will help you to get started with the process. Remember, most paints will come with instructions but if you are unsure, it is wise to practice first before trying anything too complex.

Good quality paint is generally non-sticky, which dries evenly & smoothly with a smooth brush. An ideal paint should also dry out very quickly without leaving any streaks or leaving any color behind. Always start off by working in small areas such as the wrist, back of the hand, or the top of the arm to get used to the application method. Here are some simple tips that will make painting your own color easier:

There are two types of body paints available: wax-based and acrylic-based. Wax-based paints dry instantly using a cool or cold air compressor whilst acrylics may take longer as they must be cured through the application of a particular catalyst. The thicker and more glossy acrylics dry more quickly and can be wiped away without a trace. Waxy pigments such as talc are generally not recommended if you want your paint to last. These paints will usually dry with a matte finish producing a harder finish than a semi-matte acrylic.

When choosing brushes, it is important to buy high-quality brushes that are made from synthetic hair, not natural animal hair such as rabbit hair. Bad quality brushes can warp, bend and scratch which will compromise the overall appearance of your perfect paint job. The right brushes will produce the best results each time you apply your body paint.

To create complex color patterns, one must use three basic components; paints, brushes, and mediums. To get started, always start with plain water-based paints. Painting with water-based paints requires no additional acrylic products, but the resulting colors are much less vivid and have a slightly metallic finish. To create illusions of having lighter and darker skin tones, use warm colors and dark colors to achieve a natural effect.

There are paint color options to suit any taste. You should experiment until you find the right paint color options for your skin tone and your natural personality. If you want to be bolder, opt for red paints and if you want to have a softer look, opt for shades of blue. For daytime and casual wear, opt for earthy colors such as brown, green, and tan while for evening wear you can go for fiery oranges, red and gold tones. As always, it is important to follow safety guidelines when applying your own body paints.

When choosing a paint color, it is also important to consider other factors such as location and the purpose of the event. If you are planning on an outdoor event, it would be wise to opt for light colors since they are easier to clean and maintain. If you are choosing a paint color for a corporate party, then go for neutrals. You should also take into consideration the time of the year since certain colors tend to fade or come off faster in certain weather conditions. Light colors such as yellow tend to fade in the heat and may not be appropriate for winter. Finally, consider the theme or concept of the event you are attending.

One thing to keep in mind is that whatever the occasion, it is important to choose paint options that complement your skin tone and accentuate your best features. Although professional painters can achieve amazing results, they are expensive. A cheaper alternative would be to go for cheap vinyl paints. These affordable products have gained popularity lately due to their appearance and ease of application. It is worth trying out different colors and painting techniques to see which will suit your taste the best.