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Clay Earring Kit

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Buyer's Guide: Clay Earring Kit

How to Choose Clay Pellet Earrings?

What makes a Blushy clairvoyant clairaudient clay earring kit any better than all other clay earring kits available on the market today? For starters, there's the fact that every Blushy earrings kit contains all of the clay used in the creation of each piece individually blended into precise proportions so that each piece will be just as unique as the next. Also, each individual piece in a Blushy earrings kit comes with a variable-sized mold that is specially designed for your ear lobe, ensuring that the mold will line up perfectly with the lobe. This will ensure that each customer will receive the earrings that are designed for their particular ear lobes. It'll also help that each piece comes with earrings body and matching studs that match the earlobe in such a way as to enhance its natural beauty and not overwhelm it in any way.

How about the ingredients in each Blushy clairaudient polymer clay earring kit? Each set contains a minimum of five pairs of earrings-in either metal or wood finishes. The five-petal flower has long been a favorite among the glamour crowd. There are also several different finishes available in each kit. The Rosewood finish is popular in jewelry shops for its light, natural color. The Clarity finish offers a clear but slightly frosted appearance.

Included in every two-piece Blushy earrings kit are twenty-four karat gold earrings and a sixteen karat silver hoop. With the earrings come a set of hoop tips in either metal or silver. Included also is a sterling silver magnetic bracelet. To further enhance the look of this earring kit, there are matching studs that match the earrings perfectly. These studs are removable and can be interchanged as the customer desires.

With the earring, the kit comes a measuring tape, earring hooks, and clasps. This kit also comes with a detailed instruction booklet. Included in the booklet is an exclusive mini photo album. The kit has been designed to hold all twenty-four earrings comfortably. Included in the box is also a cotton fabric pouch. With the earring hook and clasps, one will be able to wear the earrings while swimming, dancing, or any other activity where they may come in contact with water.

All earrings in this kit come in one size: small. Some of the larger sizes are also available. With the many colors to choose from, there is sure to be one to fit your personal style.

Earrings in this kit will go great with your evening dress and with earmuffs to protect your ears. These earrings are also a good choice for those sports lovers who participate in different types of sports such as basketball, tennis, soccer, etc. You can be versatile by wearing these earrings. For instance, wearing them with your formal outfit while at the office, or even with your casual clothes, you can be confident that you will look attractive and fetch a lot of attention.

When shopping for your Clay Pellet Earrings, you have to ensure that you buy from an authentic seller so that authenticity is assured. You can find many sellers online and also offline who sell beautiful earrings made from this special material. When shopping, check out the feedback and reviews of the seller. Make sure that there are no complaints against the seller regarding any kind of scam. You can also read the package details carefully so that you know about the contents of your Clay Pellet Earring kit. You should be aware of the type of pellets used in making the earrings, the size of each pellet, and other specifications.

When buying a pair of these earrings, you should not forget to consider their cost as well. The cost of each individual pellet depends on its color. If you want a light color, then the price of each color is different. However, if you want a dark-colored pair of earrings, then the price would be similar.