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Crafts With String

Craft Medley Multi-Purpose Colored Craft String, 29.5-Feet, Bright's
  • MULTICRAFT IMPORTS-Multi Purpose Colored Craft String
  • Create colorful bracelets necklaces ankle bracelets and more! Great to...
  • This package contains 29.5 yards of craft string
  • Available in a variety of colors each sold separately

Buyer's Guide: Crafts With String

Easy Tips On Making Crafts With String At Home

Do you want to make crafts with string? It is easy. The first step is choosing the project. There are many different crafts with string available. Step one in choosing a new project is choosing fun and creative theme for it.

Step Four: Find your project. The easiest way to do this is to find an old coloring book or drawing paper. This is an inexpensive item and can be used over again for many projects. Next, you will need to go to your local craft supply store. Most of the time, they have a few choices for you. If there aren't any that day, you can try the next store down.

Step Four: Buy the items you need to get started on your craft. For example, you will need a pair of scissors. You can either get cheap pair of scissors at a discount store or use a good pair of metal scissor blades. If you're using a metal scissor, you should get a set of replacement blades to get started on your crafts with string. Once you have everything that you need, it is time to get your project started.

Step Four: Cut your string to use for your project. The first step is to wrap the string around the handle of your ice cube tray. Make sure that the string is wrapped around all sides and down the sides of the tray. This will help the string to stay in place and not fall through the cracks of the ice cube tray as you are opening and closing the box. The more you have the string to hold on to, the better!

Step Four: Place the ice cube inside the box, making sure that it is snugly in place. You should have some space at the bottom of the box to be able to slide the tray in and out. The first step is to cut the string on the inside of the box; however, you should keep some extra so that you can tuck the excess string inside the box before the first step is completed.

Step Four: Use the scissors to cut the excess string from the inside of the box. You should have about 24 inches of string left in the box. The first step is to wrap the remaining string around the inside part of the box. Once this is done, you should slide the box toward the freezer. This will help the string to stay in place and not fall through the cracks of the box as you open it.

Step Four: Get ready to close the box for the final step. After the ice has been added to the box and the strings are snugly in place, the next step is to close the box. To do this, you should slide the string under the freezer until the string gets tight but is still flexible. Once this is done, you should stand on top of the box and place your crafts with string inside the box.

You will notice that this process was easier than it was in the first step. If you find that string is still falling through the cracks of the box, you should put ice cubes inside the box. Once the ice cubes have melted, you should slip the string over the ice cubes. Once you are sure that the string is stuck to the box, you can now remove the crafts with string from the refrigerator. This process will ensure that you will always have clean and fresh crafts with string whenever you need them.