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Cricut Maker Accessories

Cricut Explore DeepCut Blade, Black
  • Includes Circuit deep cut blade and Circuit explore deep cut blade...
  • Has the ability to cut through thicker materials with ease
  • Cut materials such as fabric or poster board with ease
  • For use with Circuit explore only

Buyer's Guide: Cricut Maker Accessories

What You Should Know About Cricut Maker Accessories



Everything you'll need for your first print! Everything you'll need for your first successful print! The Cricut Maker really is among the strongest Cricut machines out there -- but if you are not ready to create some prints yet, this might not be the right machine for you. With a little bit of time and practice, though, you'll find that the Cricut Maker will be one of your favorites and you'll certainly be looking forward to your next session.

First, you'll need the basic machine itself: a plastic Cricut cutter/stylus, the required paper (or whatever your pattern is on), a paper trimmer, and a cutting mat. The trimmer can come in handy for getting a smooth edge on your fabric; the cutting mat is the flat surface upon which the actual cutting takes place. If you are going to use the mat, remember that you must turn the machine off before beginning your session so that you do not damage your machine while waiting to finish your job. If you're using the paper cutter, remember that this needs to be cleaned thoroughly after every cut, especially if it deals with any paper. For safety's sake, you should never run the cutting machine without having the blades spinning, and you should keep it in a safe place while it is in operation.

Next, you'll need a number of Cricut accessories: the scrapbooking kit, the knife blade, and the patterning guide, and the backing card. The scrapbooking kit is simply the stuff that makes the pictures you will be cutting onto. It comes with everything you need to create your scrapbook page, so it's easy to use. The patterning guide is a very important accessory as it will show you exactly how to make your pattern, and the knife blade will help ensure that your pictures come out exactly how you want them to look.

Other accessories you might need include a Cricut case, a Cricut power adapter, a Cricut cutter cord, and a Cricut power drill. These items are pretty much necessary to keep your cricut machine running, but there are some optional accessories that might also be helpful. If you're a scrapbooker who also designs on a computer, a memory card will definitely come in handy. A fine point blade will come in handy if you don't have a sharpener and you'd like to transfer your patterns to a larger format.

You can purchase additional tools from the Cricut maker website if you'd like to explore the world of this particular machine. If you'd like to expand your skills and create more projects, you may want to invest in additional cartridges, such as the vinyl blade, or the cutting board. Explore all the features that are available on the various websites and see which ones you might feel comfortable using with your Cricut maker machine.

Cricut also makes different types of cartridges for their Cricut maker blades. There is the basic cartridge, which is good for basic scoring and is relatively inexpensive. There is also the premium cartridge, which is designed especially for high-end project creators. This cartridge also offers some very nice features and it also can be more expensive than the other cartridges on the market. With the premium series, many aspects of the scoring process are designed to be enhanced. For example, the scoring cushion and the blade holder will be made out of a higher grade of foam.

One of the most useful accessories that Cricut users can get for their machines is the Cricut True Control Knife Set, which is actually a complete bundle. This package includes a true, leather-like knife blade, a score trimming tool, a Cricut cutter blade, and an assortment of other small but useful accessories. The Cricut accessory pack also contains a magnetic blade fastener, which can help to keep the knife blade from sticking to the cutting board. A very nice thing about this accessory is that it can be removed very easily and then reused again - a very helpful Cricut maker accessory.

Another excellent Cricut accessory that is available for purchase is the Cricut portable trimmer. Some people may be worried about the fact that a portable trimmer is much smaller than other types of Cricut accessories - but the truth is, this is not the case. The compact design of the Cricut portable trimmer allows it to be carried around just like a handheld brush. All the Cricut accessories come together in a very complete, convenient package that makes it easier than ever to get all of your Cricut accessories for little to no money at all!