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Doll Patterns

McCall's 9605 Crafts Sewing Pattern Quiet Time for Toddlers Dolls
  • Designed by Faye Wine
  • Makes three different 25" dolls with clothes
  • Copyright 1988

Buyer's Guide: Doll Patterns

Doll Patterns - Make Your Own Dolls

Doll patterns are an essential part of creating unique and well-made dolls. When you visit a doll shop, you will notice that there is an array of different doll designs and models on display. Most of these doll models are produced by different manufacturers and come with varying degrees of detailing, fabrics used, paints used, and accessories incorporated. All these add to the complexity of making a doll design and, at the same time, adding to its uniqueness.

Most dolls are designed for children. However, some designs are also manufactured for adults because of their appeal. These adult dolls are not as detailed as the child's versions. They have simpler clothing and a minimalist look. Adult designs tend to be on the conservative side when it comes to color and patterns. The best way to get a collection of doll patterns is to purchase a kit or a book.

Kits contain a wide range of designs created by talented artists. The art doll patterns in these kits are designed according to the needs and preferences of the buyers. Many of these kits also contain instructions and stencils so that the designing process can be made easier.

You can also go for custom-made designs. This is the choice of the experienced doll artist who can create a number of different options and designs using his own creativity and style. Most of these custom-made doll creations are made from high-quality cloth materials and use the latest techniques of design and embroidery. With a good doll artist and a great doll pattern, your child can transform into a favorite character.

The different types of cloth doll patterns include those that are pre-designed and ready to use, those that are handcrafted by the artist, and those that are available for the customers on the internet. Most of the pre-designed patterns are available online. For the hand-crafted designs, they can be ordered through the internet. These dolls are shipped to you packed carefully in small packages. You can choose the type of packaging that suits your taste and budget. Usually, the dolls that are handcrafted and pre-designed are more expensive as compared to the online versions.

The pre-designed doll patterns include several different character types such as doll models, schoolgirls, nurses, police officers, pirates, warring cartoon characters, princesses, and pet dolls. All of them have different clothing, hairstyles, and accessories. Each of these dolls can be personalized according to your requirements. Some of these customized doll patterns can also be used to create a wide variety of different doll playthings, such as jewelry boxes, toy bags, toy cars, dollhouses, and pet animals.

These doll patterns can also be used to make different types of accessories such as jewelry boxes, toy pistols, and toy swords. Children love to play with these doll accessories, and they even improve their creativity level as well. The different types of accessories that can be made using these doll patterns include clothes, hats, shoes, and glasses. They can also be used to make a wide range of different games, such as dollhouse building and dress-up games.

Another option for creating custom doll patterns is to buy doll patterns and then modify them to your liking. You can even add new features and outfits to the doll-like a new hair color, makeup applied to the doll, or even change her outfit in different seasons. You can print out the doll pattern on regular paper so that you will be able to use it again if you want to. You can either choose to have the entire doll pattern printed on paper or just parts of it if you want.