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Guillotine For Paper

Swingline Paper Trimmer, Guillotine Paper Cutter, 18" Cut Length, 15 Sheet...
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION – Ingento guillotine-style trimmer delivers...
  • 18” CUTTING LENGTH – Features an 18” cutting length, allowing...
  • CUTS 15 SHEETS – Strong trimmer cuts up to 15 sheets of paper at a...
  • ACCURATE CUTTING – Designed for accuracy, with an alignment grid for...

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What Is The Guillotine For?

A paper cutter also called just simply guillotine or a paper cutter is a basic tool often seen in schools and offices, designed to easily cut large quantities of paper sheets in order to file a single document with a crisp, straight line. The tool has a metal plate at its end which when pushed down, forces the sheet into its corresponding hole. This method of cutting paper is used because the tool doesn't require lubrication and that means lesser wear and tear on the paper itself. When properly cared for, the guillotine can last for decades

To purchase a guillotine you need to find an authorized dealer. While there are many guillotine suppliers available online, it is more prudent to buy from a dealer who specializes in that particular product. This is because the tools have different requirements according to the make and model of the machine. Some may be more difficult to install than others and should therefore be made according to their specifications. In addition, you need to consider how much you are willing to spend on your tool as well

One of the more common types of this tool is vertical. This is suitable for use on standard letter size paper and comes in a single blade or twin cut. Each blade has its own specific task, such as perforating, slicing, perforating again, etc.

The top guillotine is the most difficult to operate. It can easily move only a few sheets of paper at a time. The design of this type of guillotine makes it difficult for smaller people to use it as well due to its narrow width. However, ease of use may not be the most important factor you are looking for, especially if you have a lot of papers to cut or if you have a lot of junk to clean up.

A horizontal guillotine is easier to handle than its vertical counterpart. This design is much easier to transport and is more commonly used to slice thick paper. While you may be tempted to buy this unit straight up from the store, it is advisable to have a few models in mind first so that you can compare prices and brands. You may also want to browse the net for more designs.

The most popular guillotine is the tilting type. This has the added function of being able to tilt the blade from left to right. This allows for very accurate cuts. However, it can become difficult to control. As such, it is best suited for those who have little or no problem with mobility.

On the other hand, the tabletop guillotine also has its advantages. This is the most common design and is the guillotine in many homes. It is easy to set up and can slice paper into very thin slices. Because of this, it is popular for meat choppers. You should be aware that there are two types of blades, a band saw type and a tabletop style.

One thing to remember when purchasing any type of guillotine is that they all come with different accessories. Some are meant to be used specifically for meat but you can also find them with different functions. You should do some research to figure out what you will be using your guillotine for before making a purchase. There are some great deals on the market today which can save you money.

A saw of this type comes with a blade cover plate to keep the blade clean and to protect it. You can choose between a blade guard or no blade cover plate. These will be more costly than those without a cover plate, but they are well worth it. Also, there are several different sizes and styles available.

The saw is fully enclosed. It comes with a dust collector and a bag. There is no need to open the bag if you do not have to clean out the dust. It makes for an efficient kitchen tool that will be appreciated by everyone in your family.

It is important that you consider your own needs and preferences. The guillotine will probably be the best tool for you if you do not mind spending a little more money. However, that does not mean that you cannot find a saw that works for you at a reasonable price. Just take your time and shop around.