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Key Rings

Shapenty 1 Inch/25mm Diameter Metal Flat Split Key Chains Rings for Home Car...
  • Product name: key ring; design: flat split style
  • Material: metal, color: black
  • Inner diameter: 20mm/0.8 inch outer diameter: 1 inch/25mm
  • The rings are strong and durable, practical for home car keys...

Buyer's Guide: Key Rings

A Guide To Key Rings

One of the most functional of all accessories is the keyring. A keyring is a simple ring or often chain of material to which many keys are attached. The range of a critical ring enables an item to be worn more readily than when connected directly to a key. This can mean that keys can be worn on outside wrists, inside pockets, or under clothing for extra safety and convenience. But how do you choose what keyring would suit your needs best?

The basic key rings are used for everyday use in order to access a car ignition or other emergency devices. Car key rings often include a bottle opener which is helpful in opening bottles in cars. Keyrings are also widely used as a substitute for a car's interior sunroof vents. A sunroof vent can be awkward to open in extreme heat. Also, key rings can double as pager ID holders, which means keys can be kept on the person rather than in the car where they may be lost or misplaced.

Key chains are another common form of keyring accessory. They come in a variety of materials and styles, with both hardware and chain made from leather, plastic, or metal. Often key chains are used for carrying spare identification cards. Key chains are similar in function to bottle openers and can be used for both vehicle and hand-free applications where you need a quick way to open a container.

Keyrings have developed so much over the years that they now come in a wide variety of styles and materials to match a number of outfits and accessories. Keyrings can be worn on the outside of the wrist or inside the hand pockets for easy access to your keys. Key chains are often used as pager ID holders or as temporary access or 'limbs when you have to have your keys with you.

There are a number of other key rings available as well. Some are novelty type items that look great with a number of different accessories. Other keyrings are designed to be worn in pairs. These types of keyring collections often consist of two key rings that are designed to open a single pair of handcuffs or can open a pair of shoelaces.

Keyrings are also made from materials other than metal. Sterling silver is a popular option. These types of small keyrings can be custom engraved with a recipient's name or the date of birth. Sterling silver keyrings make an elegant gift for a woman. For men, they look good with sports bags, pocketbooks, and many other small items.

Keyring collections are available in different styles and sizes. There are large keyrings and small key rings. Keyring size can be determined by how many keys will fit in the set. If more than one keyring is being used, then the size will be smaller. If a key chain is being used, then the larger keyrings are usually the best choice for creating a key chain.

There are a wide variety of ways to personalize the look of keyrings. With the proper engraving, a person can make the key chains unique to themselves. Personalizing keyrings is also an affordable way to express oneself. The recipient of the gift will truly appreciate the thought of selecting a special key chain.

Some popular materials used for key chains are metal, wood, and plastic. Wood keyrings are very popular because of their appearance. It is a common choice because it is more appealing than other materials. Metal key chains can be designed to appear to be silver, gold or platinum. Plastic key chains are very durable and inexpensive as compared to other materials.

When purchasing a key chain, it is important to buy the correct size. Keyring collections should not be mismatched. When a person is unable to match a key chain to their ID, it will not look right. Corresponding the keyring to the wearer's ID is the safest way to ensure that everyone in the car can see who is in the front seat. Keyrings can come in a wide variety of materials, colors, and sizes.

Keyring collections can also be used to accessorize bottles of wine, champagne, or beer. Keyrings can be used as a novelty gift for birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine's day, weddings, and baby showers. Key chains are great to use with personalized bottle openers. A key ring can also be given as a gift by parents to their children who are driving.