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Large Storage Box

Suncast Resin 103-Gallon Large Storage Box with Wheels-Outdoor Bin for Gardening...
  • OUTDOOR DECK STORAGE BOX: Provides easy and efficient organization...
  • VERSATILE PATIO STORAGE: Perfect for storing cushions, garden...
  • FUNCTIONAL: Comfortable carrying handle and easy access top storage...
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Water-resistant resin exterior resists fading...

Buyer's Guide: Large Storage Box

The Versatility of Large Storage Boxes

A large storage box offers a number of benefits to businesses. It is an efficient means of storage that is both cost-effective and effective. Plastic boxes offer the ideal solution for storage and transport of goods, whether that be in the home, office, school, the local gym, a business, or a club. The most important benefit to these boxes is their portability and versatility.

There are numerous designs available in a large storage box and it is important for a buyer to consider the overall style as well as the features that make each unit unique. The key features that buyers should look for include durability, ease of use, and affordability. All three of these areas are enhanced by the use of a durable, weather-resistant, easy-to-clean, and stain-resistant seat cover. The seat fabric and seat pads must also meet a stringent quality standard as well.

Durability is enhanced by the use of a strong and reliable locking mechanism. Most storage units that have lids utilize one of four types of locking mechanisms: ball & lock, shoulder roll lids, key lock, and fully-enclosed locking mechanisms. Most storage boxes that are made of heavy plastic possess a thick, reinforced lid that is constructed from one of four materials - polyethylene, ABS, or PVC. In order to provide maximum protection and prevent food and beverages from being damaged when placed inside, fully enclosed lids are recommended. Lids that are constructed from ABS are known for resisting extreme heat, moisture, chemicals, and sunlight. Polyethylene and ABS are also resistant to acid, so acid spillages can be easily wiped off.

Lids that lock with a key are popular for offices and homes where multiple employees use a locker to store their personal items. A plastic box that utilizes a key system will necessitate the use of multiple keys in order to open it, and thus will require more funds in terms of purchasing new locks. On the other hand, if the storage unit in question is a locker for a single student, then the lockable lid may prove to be less costly, as the lock cannot be opened easily using the key. A locking lid is also an excellent choice if the contents of the box are sensitive, such as financial or school documents.

School lockers are often used for storing large amounts of books, school supplies, and school clothes. Most boxes designed for schools are made of steel because steel is an ideal material for storing hot food and liquids. In addition, most boxes designed for schools have solid lids, which are reinforced by the presence of a keypad or sensor technology that prevents tampering or opening with a push of a button. For families who frequently purchase camping equipment for trips to their backyard campground, a metal picnic cooler box is a good option. Picnic coolers come in a variety of sizes and capacities and may be locked or unlocked depending on your family's needs.

Large plastic storage boxes are ideal for families who need the ability to store and organize items safely and effectively. These boxes are convenient for storing books, DVDs, CDs, and other important media, but they are not suitable for keeping perishable foods. The ability to stack smaller plastic boxes on top of one another is an advantage, allowing you to reach top shelves with a minimum of strain.

Most modern households have at least one small to medium-sized garage. Garage spaces can be effectively utilized for a variety of purposes, including the storing of sports equipment, bikes, wheelchairs, gardening tools, lawnmowers, and pool toys. One way to make the most of the garage is to utilize a large heavy-duty box to properly store household items and belongings. If you need a locking box, most boxes provide one-touch security systems with integrated electronic locking mechanisms. Other features to look for include a sturdy lid that protects stored items from dust, heat, and water, multiple levels of locking, secure locking mechanisms, and an easy-to-release locking handle.

Heavy-duty plastic storage boxes are also suitable for use in outdoor patios. Whether used to store items indoors or to protect outdoor furniture from the elements, patio box lids help keep outdoor items from becoming damaged by bugs and pests. Some patio storage box lids even feature an automatic system that secures the lid closed while you are away from the house. This convenient feature allows you to access your outdoor items anytime you want to. If your storage needs include both indoor and outdoor storage, consider investing in a durable patio storage box lid to protect your patio furnishings during the off-season.